Professor’s Response To Single Mom Who Missed Class Due To Lack Of Child Care Breaks The Internet

There’s a heartwarming story coming from Tennessee that has spread like wildfire across the internet. First shared on Twitter, the story is about 21-year-old college student Morgan King, who is also a single mother to a 3-month-old infant girl named Korbyn. King attends the University of Texas and there’s no doubt that being a single mom to a young child is demanding, and trying to balance life as a student and a mother is hard. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to manage both. When King couldn’t find child care and had to miss class, her professor’s response was so wonderful that when King shared it on Twitter, it immediately went viral.

On June 15, 2017, after Morgan King missed class, she received an email response from her professor Sally Hunter. The response encouraged Morgan to just bring her child to class should she find herself considering to miss class due to lack of child care. Not only did Sally Hunter give Morgan the invitation to bring her, but she also offered to hold the infant girl while she was teaching. The support Morgan has received from her professor not only touched Morgan but those around the world. It isn’t common to see professors take such an invested interest in their students’ well-being and success and the internet has responded with cheers and praise for Sally Hunter. Morgan King’s original tweet showing Sally Hunter’s email response has been liked more than 27,000 times.

After the initial tweet went viral, Morgan sent her professor another message to inform her that the post was getting plenty of attention. Professor Hunter was well aware and in her response continued to show extreme humility. She stated that making the offer for Korbyn to attend class with her mother was the “decent thing to do.”

Since the tweets have gone viral, the story has been reported on by multiple outlets including Fox 8, BBC, Daily Mail, and NBC’s Today. What do you think about Professor Hunter’s offer to Morgan King? Did you ever have a teacher or professor who greatly influenced your life? Did you find this story heartwarming? Please leave your comments and opinions below.

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