Fans Awestruck With Jana Duggar’s Garden, Ask Why It’s Not On ‘Counting On’

For Duggar fans, Jana is the quintessential family woman who has remained single for too long. Any image depicting her at work often triggers talk of marriage. A recent image of her handiwork set off a bitter exchange between fans, but the pic also drew unexpected reactions.

Besides weddings, births, and birthday celebrations, the Duggar family sometimes shows off things its children can do. The boys are making things or fixing stuff while the skills of girls and women in managing the house, including caring for children and cooking, are proudly displayed. Jana Duggar is frequently featured with younger siblings or with nieces/nephews. Such images often leave fans wondering why she remains single when her younger sisters are married with children.

A recent image that the Duggar family shared had fans looking at her in a different light. A garden on the Duggar estate that Jana made had fans impressed. Not surprisingly, it got some of them to talk about her wedding, but awestruck fans did not stop with compliments about Jana’s skills. They discussed why the Duggars and TLC remain fixated on babies and weddings when such enterprising projects, particularly those of Jana, are underway. Some wondered if TLC could feature the garden on Counting On.

“I love this! I wish TLC would start showing some snippets of this kind of thing, instead of asking her silly little tidbits about who her siblings are dating, or who is going to have a baby next. There is a lot of work that goes into this garden. If they would follow it through the whole growing season, the producers could put together a real good show,” one fan commented.

As reported previously, Jana Duggar’s many skills have been demonstrated both on and off the show. But the oldest Duggar girl is often referred to as “Cinderella Duggar,” as she remains single at 27, which is unusual by Duggar standards. No wonder then that some fans spoke about Jana finding a man in response to Duggar family’s image.

“That is beautiful! Jana is such a capable, talented beautiful woman! God bless her. Oh how I wish she & Tim Tebow would get together. What a wonderful relationship that would be. Trust in the Lord.”

Tim Tebow is an all-time fan-favorite linkup for Jana Duggar. The football pro was linked to Jana back in 2015 when reports emerged suggesting the Duggars met Tebow’s mother. Though it was reported that Jana and Tebow never met, the rumor remains alive and often resurfaces when Jana’s relationship status is called to question.

Jana was also linked to family friends Law Bates and, more recently, Jonathan Hartono. Gil and Kelly Bates denied rumors of a courtship involving Jana Duggar and their son, and so did Hartono. Questions about her wedding resurfaced in the recent past after Joy-Anna’s wedding and Joseph Duggar’s engagement.

Nevertheless, if the latest Duggar family image is any indication, surprisingly, Jana’s single status seems more welcome now than ever before.

“Not pushing her for a man. She looks happy at home with family but the man that takes her hand is going to have a wonderful woman and be very lucky to have her. I would say she is one of the few that will stand on her own with or without a man,” a fan commented.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]