‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ 1.7 PTS New 6-Piece Striker Classified Gear Set Review — Powerful Self-Heal

Tom Clancy’s The Division PTS 1.7 update was released today, and with it comes a new six-piece gear set that gives an agent additional abilities. What’s nice is that these sets are available for free at the special equipment vendor if you scroll all the way down to the bottom. That’s where you can acquire caches and open them to get your set. Arekkz Gaming took to YouTube to go over just one of the classified gear sets: the Striker equipment pieces.

There used to be four-piece set bonuses, but as of today, the Striker, Final Measure, Sentry, and Reclaimer sets have additional bonuses. The five-piece Striker features gives 10 percent stability and 5 percent enemy armor damage. Furthermore, the six-piece set gives to The Division agent a talent called “Striker’s Persistence”.

“Every hit adds a self-healing bonus for 0.1% of max health per second. This bonus is further increased by 0.01% for every 1000 stamina. Stacks up to 100 hits. Bonus is reduced by 0.1% every second. Bonus can be removed by EMP.”

That’s a ton of healing, and this will probably be helpful in PvP situations.

Now, Arekkz Gaming started his review of The Division’s 1.7 Striker gear pieces because it was the one set that had the least amount of details.

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  1. Re-calibration on the Striker does not work in the PTS version. But you can re-calibrate two parts of each individual piece once it’s all fixed.
  2. The five-piece set already enhances the existing bonuses. So instead of having only 20 percent stability and 10 percent enemy armor damage from the original set, the fifth piece brings it to a combined amount of 30/15 percent on stability/armor damage.
  3. The six-piece should come in handy for pretty tough bosses and give your character longevity in a fire fight, especially when it comes to those beastly LMG NPC characters.
  4. The six-piece classified gear set, as of now, might as well be referred to as “god mode” with the talent called “Striker’s Persistence.” Arekkz thinks it is in need of adjustment. For instance, there’s no penalties for missing your target, but instead your self-healing with this bonus is consistently continuous which, outside of getting nailed with an EMP grenade, will keep you alive for a ridiculous amount of time.

The Division’s programmers may have to ramp down the six-piece Striker bonus, as Arekkz demonstrated that throwing grenades within proximity resulted in his health bar rapidly regenerating.

[Image by Ubisoft]

The concept is nice regardless if you want a “tankier” Division agent, but hopefully you’ll want to keep things fair when the final product is fixed. As of now, you can face your NPC opponents straight on without fear of taking major damage outside of cover for as long as your focusing fire on them.

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