Kim Basinger Rejects Botox, Daughter Ireland Says

Kim Basinger is nearly 60 — the star turned 59 last week — and her daughter Ireland has lauded the actress and former Mrs. Alec Baldwin for eschewing cosmetic interventions in an attempt to stave off aging.

Kim Basinger’s only child is now 17 and a gorgeous young woman in her own right — and Ireland has a great role model to look up to, as she explains on Twitter.

While many of Basinger’s contemporaries aggressively combat the dual effects of Mother Nature and Father Time, Ireland says her mom has rejected the nips, tucks, shots and fillers often thrust upon Hollywood luminaries of Kim’s age in favor of being happy with how she looks naturally. (Which is a strong and even transgressive message to send in an environment in which older male actors are valued for their maturity but older female ones are essentially put out to pasture.)

Ireland sent a message to mom Kim Basinger on Twitter with a longer explanation on Instagram in which it is clear that whatever mom is doing to teach her daughter that looks aren’t her only value to society is working.

In the note, the 17-year-old tells Kim:

“Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman in the entire world. You are the most influential and inspirational figure in my life, and I’ve always looked up to you and no one else. I run to you if I’m ever in doubt or danger, and I’m grateful to you that you always find a way to come to my rescue.”

Ireland continues:

“You are the most naturally beautiful woman there ever was and will be. Your skin care, workouts and advice on eating healthy inspire me to do the same. Ladies, if you want to avoid Botox and any other skin treatments, listen to my mom! She hasn’t had one treatment done because she’s stay completely out of the sun all these years!”

(It should be noted that the message comes in a year in which Ireland’s dad Alec Baldwin married a twentysomething yoga instructor.)

The teen concludes:

“Mom, you still look like [you’re] 17 and it’s kind of embarrassing standing next to you. Hopefully someday I will adopt your cheekbones and and overall beauty…. Inside and out. You mean the world to me, Mom. We may argue about everything under the sun… But without you, I would be nothing. I love you.”

Do you think moms like Kim Basinger who show their daughters that beauty is not a single set of characteristics make it easier on all women who have to live with the beauty standard?