Mila Kunis Looks As Thin As Ever, Just Seven Months After Giving Birth To Second Child

Mila Kunis seems to be dealing with the California heat in a fashionable way, as she stepped out to run errands this week. The 33-year-old was spotted wearing skinny jeans and a back-baring top as she made her way around Los Angeles.

Kunis and her pet dog were photographed braving the summer weather as the mother-of-two flaunted her postpartum weight loss. Mila gave birth to her second child, a son named Dimitri, in November and seems to already be back in pre-baby shape.

The actress was seen looking as slim as ever as she showcased her figure on Wednesday. The Daily Mail reported on Mila’s outing as the site detailed her “svelte figure.” Indeed, Kunis appears to have been serious about losing the baby weight, as she looks amazing just seven months after giving birth.

Daily Mail readers also noticed how thin Mila looked this week as they commented on the post. Some commenters said the actress looks amazing, while others mentioned her personality as well.

“She’s so tiny! Very awesome as well – funny, honest & sweet.”

However, Mila is not without her haters, as some people said she looks out of shape. One negative comment even said Ashton Kutcher should trade his wife in for a younger woman, but they were quickly shut down by fans.

“She had two kids and doesn’t let Hollywood dictate how she should look…..that’s what happened and she looks FABULOUS!”

Besides comments on Mila’s appearance, readers agreed that her marriage with Ashton is rare for Hollywood as the couple seems perfect together. One commenter said Kunis and Kutcher seem happier day after day as they expand their family.

“They also seem thrilled to be parents. Love their relationship.”

In fact, Ashton recently dished about his relationship with Mila during an interview on The Howard Stern Show. The couple once again won hearts as Kutcher detailed their first kiss and discussed the early stages of their relationship.

But Mila’s weight loss and Ashton’s interview aren’t the only reasons the pair are making headlines this week. The couple recently purchased a modest beach home near Santa Barbara that also has fans talking. It seems the public can’t get enough of Kunis and Kutcher, as they continue to make news without even trying.

On the contrary, the actors go out of their way to avoid paparazzi attention— especially when it comes to their children. Neither Mila, nor Ashton post photos of their kids on social media, and have actually asked publications to not plaster websites with their faces.

Most, if not all, of the recent photos of Mila and Ashton come from paparazzi sightings. However, with so many dedicated fans, it’s not hard to see why updates on the couple are in high demand.

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