O Is Not For Oreos: Android O Code Name Revealed?

Fans already know that Android O is Android 8.0. What they are not certain about was the meaning of the O. Many had already speculated that the O stands for Oreo, as the last software version was named after one of the most popular snacks of the century, KitKat, so why not name the next one after the most popular sandwich cookies?

Well, it turns out users will not be having Android Oreo. Myce has made a discovery of hints within the code that might indicate what the name will be. The site found several references to “oc-dev,” which might be an abbreviation of oatmeal cookie.

Why Not Oreo Cookie?

Why can’t users suspect that the name could be Oreo cookie and not oatmeal cookie? Why would Android not choose the more delicious treat? It all goes down to the second evidence that might throw Oreo out the window. During Google’s I/O presentation this year, the name oatmeal cookie was spotted in their presentation slide.

So the speculation is that Android won’t be serving fans Oreos and instead they will be having oatmeal cookies. For most people, it might not really matter what the O stands for, because the features that the software update will bring are more important than the name. Even so, the name of future Android updates always generate a lot of buzz.

The Surprise Could Be On Us

It has always been a huge deal when global brands are about to release new products or services, and therefore, for Google, the name speculations and rumors are just another natural phenomena. In fact, users could say that they are getting enormous publicity for free. It also helps to build the hype for the upcoming product.

It could be that Android 8.0 is actually going to be called Oreo, and Google could just be in the background trying to reach an agreement with the giant cookie company. According to GSM Arena, this would not be the first time that it has happened, since this was the same case with KitKat, which was previously referred to as key lime pie while the deal was being finalized.

Well, whatever the name, Android O is looking to be Android’s most delicious treat yet. What do you think?

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