Did OnePlus 5 Cheat On Its Benchmark Results? OnePlus Responds

Just a day after the launch of the OnePlus 5, allegations have been made about the Chinese mobile company. XDA developers have presented a report that accuses the smartphone of cheating in its benchmark results.

OnePlus Has A History Of Cheating

According to Techspot, this is not the first instance of cheating by the company. They have been accused of cheating by XDA before. In January 2017, XDA accused both OnePlus and Meizu of benchmark cheating.

How is the cheating done? Well, XDA stated that the two companies simply tweaked their systems to operate differently whenever they detected a benchmark tool in operation. This would then result to false results. As a response, OnePlus promised to fix the issue, but now it seems that the company is back to tweaking.

So why do they cheat? Cheating is resorted to so as to maximize scores. This was once a well-calculated move by Android phone makers in years past.

According to the report, all cores are affected when the phone enters a benchmark. As a result, these cores are maintained at 1.9GHz, which then leads to the OnePlus 5 having some of the highest GeekBench 4 scores with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip.

OnePlus Responds To The Allegations

Another allegation is that the OnePlus 5 units given for have been enhanced to give better results, Business Today reports. In response, OnePlus have released a statement that is said to be partially true, not denying or confirming the allegations.

According to the Chinese mobile maker, benchmark apps serve the purpose of ascertaining performance. Moreover, because they want users to see the potential of OnePlus 5, they have allowed benchmarks to function in a state similar to everyday use. There is no overclocking, the OnePlus 5 is simply exhibiting great performance potential, the mobile maker said.

This then leads to the question, is the OnePlus 5 not so great after all? The media have praised it and described it to be on par with the Samsung Galaxy S8. When the reviews streamed in, it looks like the only downside of the phone compared to the Samsung flagship is its design, but that can be overlooked for a $479 price tag. With their cheating coming to light, will we see bad reviews stating its true performance soon enough?

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