Fleet Of Flying Saucer UFOs Spotted Hovering, Beaming Light To The Ground Over Arizona [Photo]

A case involving an Arizona woman who claims to have photographed six disc-shaped UFOs hovering in the night sky and beaming light rays down to the ground is being investigated by UFO researchers. The woman sighted and photographed the alleged fleet of hovering flying saucer UFOs while traveling in a train through Apache County, in the Arizona desert, on April 14, 2017, Open Minds TV reported.

The woman reported the UFO sighting to her daughter who filed a report with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a U.S-based organization that documents and investigates UFO sightings and alien encounters. The report was filed in the organization’s reporting database on April 27, 2017, as Case 83376.

According to the report, the woman was traveling in a train through the Arizona desert to Texas. It was late in the night but she was unable to sleep due to the train’s motion and noise. As the train traveled along, the woman looked out of the window and saw a group of bright disc-shaped objects hovering the sky. The hovering objects increased in brightness as the train approached.

“She was looking out of the cabin window and saw a very bright light that became brighter as the train approached.”

The woman watched the disc-shaped objects in the sky as the train approached and soon realized that they were, in fact, six UFOs hovering mid-air, close together, about a 100 feet away from the train. The woman said that as the train approached the UFOs, she noticed that each of them had two rows of windows, one above the other so that each UFO looked like it consisted of two levels or stories.

“She saw six objects hovering… close enough to see that each [UFO] had two rows of windows. She described them as being ‘two-story.'”

The six hovering UFOs were very brightly illuminated. A single ray of light emanated from beneath each UFO and extended down to the ground below.

The woman reached for her cell phone and snapped multiple photos of the UFOs hovering in the sky. Three of the UFO images were included in the report filed with MUFON.

The report said the woman had always been skeptical about UFO phenomenon but the sighting made a deep impression on her because as far as she could tell the UFOs might have been of extraterrestrial origin.

“She was the biggest skeptic until she saw for herself.”

Woman spots flying saucer UFO fleet over Arizona. [Image by Marc Ward/Shutterstock]

The report vouched for the witnesses’ integrity, saying that she was previously not a UFO enthusiast and that she was not given to exaggeration or attention-seeking behavior.

“She’s a no BS kind of lady. I know what she saw was genuine. She asked that I share with the UFO community,” the report said.

MUFON said it was investigating the sighting. But Roger Marsh, MUFON’s Director of Communications, warned viewers to be cautious about accepting the suggestion that the UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin before MUFON completes its investigation and issues a report.

However, Scott Brando, a UFO investigator, has attempted to explain away the UFO sighting as a lens flare, according to Express.

Lens flares occur when light rays are scattered or refracted in a camera’s lens system, leading to the creation of a visible image on a photograph.

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