Holy Bacchanalia! Batman, Riddler Ousted From Orgy

When Adam West passed away last week, the world promptly expressed heartfelt condolence along with myriad memories of the late 88-year-old Batman star. Friends, co-stars, and fans of the wildly popular albeit short-lived TV series publicly remembered West as a charismatic actor who understood comedy. Word that the small-screen superhero also enjoyed a sex life to rival Casanova took a few days to make headlines. In fact, it’s now been revealed that the personable thespian attended many a Batman orgy, and sometimes Robin and The Riddler tagged along.

Batman boasted a libido one might term superhuman, sometimes bedding as many as eight willing women in one night. West and Burt Ward, who co-starred as Batman’s sidekick, Robin, enjoyed plentiful quickies with hotblooded bat-groupies during the show’s three-year run. After publishing his autobiography, Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights in 1995, Ward spoke with Peter Holder at CJAD 800AM in Montreal.

“When I entered Batman, I was as a naive 20-year-old who had only dated a couple of girls. I met Adam West, who immediately introduced me to the wildest sexual debauchery that you can imagine. Within a few months we were like two hungry sharks in a world of unlimited halibut. We’re talking about wild times in the dressing rooms, on the set, between the shots, in the lunch wagon.

“And then of course, doing the personal appearances on the weekend, that’s where it really got wild. And I have to be honest with you, we became like sexual vampires. Maybe I’m a little too harsh on Adam. Actually, to be more descriptive, he was more like a killer whale in a world of plankton.”

West was equally upfront about the dynamic duo’s devotion to debauchery in the freewheeling ’60s.

“Burt and I were like kids in a candy store. It was the Swinging Sixties with free love and women threw themselves at us. I remember one night with eight different women. Orgy is a harsh word, but it was eight at one time. I’d have young female co-stars in my dressing room at 7:45 in the morning.”


Batman didn’t limit his libido to on-set sexcapades. According to the New York Post, West and fellow actor Frank Gorshin, who portrayed Batman’s nemesis The Riddler, once attended a Hollywood swinger’s party together. That particular event may not have been as satisfying as West’s other risqué romps, due to the pair being asked to leave the sex spree after Gorshin and West were unable to resist slipping into their campy TV characters.

“We walked in and it was an orgy. So I immediately went into the Batman character, and Frank went into the Riddler character, because we were getting the big giggles. It was so funny to us, what we walked into. And we were kicked out. We were expelled from the orgy.”

The time Batman got himself exiled from Aspen

In 2005, West spoke at length with Independent UK reporter Robert Chalmers. In the candid interview, West recounted the time he was banned from Aspen, Colorado, in the wake of an incident that involved liquor, women, and police.

“I was escorted out of town and advised it would be unwise to return. About 15 years later, I had a letter from the Aspen authorities saying it would be OK to come back – to visit.”

The interview did not explain whether the incident that led to West’s exile from Aspen was related to a Batman orgy. It did, however, give the seductive superhero a chance to describe the time he flew to Rome, had a few drinks, and met with Pope Paul VI while in the throes of a hellacious hangover.

“I woke up the next morning with the worst hangover of my life. I made it to the Vatican, and I was at the back of this line of people who each knelt down to kiss his ring. Then it was my turn. He put out his hand. I realized that, if I knelt down, I wouldn’t be able to get up again, I was so hung over.”

After meeting with the pontiff who said that he “loved Pipistrello,” West toured the Vatican with Italian actress Sophia Loren.

“She looked… how can I put this? When you go to the Sistine Chapel with Sophia Loren, it can be quite some time before your thoughts turn to the ceiling.”

Adam West 1928-2017

Born the first child of a Walla Walla wheat farmer and his aspiring opera singer spouse on September 19, 1928, William West Anderson was an avid comic book collector by age 10. Following his parents’ divorce, the teenaged future Batman and his younger brother, John, moved with their mom to north Seattle. After graduating from the private Lakeside School, West returned to Walla Walla where he attended liberal arts school, Whitman College. The young man who would someday participate in more than one Batman orgy sang in the college choir, wrote for the college newspaper, played water polo, and was a member of the Economics Club. During his senior year at Whitman, West married 17-year-old Billie Lou Yeager, according to the Internet Movie Database. West graduated in 1951 with degrees in English literature and psychology.

Adam West worked as a radio DJ and spent a couple years in the army before making his first television appearance on a Hawaiian kiddie show, “The Kini Popo Show” in the mid-1950s. His sidekick on that show was a chimpanzee named Peaches. In 1956, West and his first wife divorced and the fledgling actor married Tahiti-born Ngatokoruaimatauaia Frisbie Dawson. The couple had two children before moving to Hollywood in 1959 where the actor adopted the stage name Adam West after landing a few bit parts in western-themed movies. Numerous Batman orgies may have contributed to the end of that marriage. In 1970, Adam married Marcelle Tagand Lear with whom he had two more children and lived out the rest of his days.

Adam West passed peacefully on June 9, 2017 after a brief bout with leukemia.

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