‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Is New ‘BB19’ Cast List On Social Media Correct?

Big Brother 19 spoilers may be coming from an unlikely source. A new BB19 cast list has been partially posted on social media, bringing with it a level of excitement, but also an element of doubt about its validity. Another new Twitter account has sprouted, with the creator advertising that they have a lot of Big Brother 19 spoilers to pass on to fans of the show. Going by the name “BBLeaker,” a lot of information has already been posted in the first three days since the account was activated.

Can This New Twitter Account Be Trusted For Big Brother 19 Spoilers?

Many new accounts on social media claim to have inside information about the reality competition show and put forth the effort to share potential Big Brother 19 spoilers with fans. Until production starts revealing specific details about the upcoming season, it’s nearly impossible to verify which accounts are passing on true information and which ones are just making it up to gain the attention of people on social media. Viewing it from that angle, they should all be taken with a grain of salt until verification is provided.

Who Are Some Of The Advertised BB19 Cast Members?

The Twitter account states that there will be 18 total houseguests entering the BB19 house. Some of the advertised Big Brother 19 spoilers state that there will be two pairs of people who know each other, there will be four familiar faces, one past Survivor contestant, one well-known Viner, and an actor from The Bold and the Beautiful becoming BB19 cast members. In regard to the pairs, reportedly neither individual knows that the other one is entering the game, possibly making this the Big Brother 19 twist.

There is a lot to unpack from the information provided, as it is concise and non-specific all at the same time. Posting that members of the BB19 cast will be “familiar faces” isn’t exactly making a groundbreaking statement, either, but it certainly gets the wheels turning when fans stop to think about it. The person running the account did expound upon that information in later posts to Twitter.

Who Are The Suggested “Familiar Faces” Becoming BB19 Cast Members?

The four “familiar faces” were given names in another round of Big Brother 19 spoilers from this Twitter account and they are Zach Rance, Chelsea Meissner, Alissa Violet, and Lawrence Saint-Victor. Zach Rance was on Big Brother 16, Chelsea Meissner was on Survivor, Alissa Violet was big on Vine and is a constant presence on YouTube, and Lawrence Saint-Victor is a soap star who has appeared on Guiding Light and The Bold and the Beautiful.

How Will The 2017 Season Work With These Potential Big Brother 19 Spoilers?

There are allegedly 14 new houseguests joining the four “familiar faces” in the BB19 house, which will be split in half to enter the game once host Julie Chen has introduced them to viewers. Potential Big Brother 19 spoilers in a post from that Twitter account suggest that seven new houseguests will enter with two “familiar faces” to compete in a Head of Household competition. Once each group has a winner, the winners will face off to decide who the single HOH winner will be for the week. The loser would then become one of the first nominees for eviction.

Answers Will Finally Be Revealed On Big Brother 19 Season Premiere (June 28)

Former houseguest and Big Brother winner Evel Dick Donato has some advice for the BB19 cast members. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, he had some good tips on what new houseguests should do to win the game. It’s also good advice for anyone who might apply to be on the show in the future. Regarding what will take place this summer and whether this latest Twitter account providing Big Brother 19 spoilers will be proven correct, production and host Julie Chen should be revealing important information about the show within the next 10 days.

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