‘The Mindy Project’ Season 6 Spoilers, Premiere: Mindy Kaling Talks Ben And Mindy’s Future

The Mindy Project was renewed for its sixth and final season back in March. In a new interview, Mindy Kaling opened up about the “moment of panic” her character felt during the Season 5 finale as well as what the future holds for Ben and Mindy when the series returns this September.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Mindy Kaling and showrunner Matt Warburton discussed what fans could expect when the final season of The Mindy Project premieres this September. According to her, knowing that the show only has a season left definitely helped them prepare a “satisfying” finale. Although Season 6 will only have 10 episodes, Kaling promised fans that they will still get the ending they deserve.

“Everything has a lot of emotional weight in ways that other seasons haven’t. When you only do 10 episodes for a final season, every character and all of her interactions in every storyline have so much more import because it’s the last time we’re going to do it,” she explained.

As fans may recall, in the Season 5 finale, Mindy looked scared and unsure of her future after marrying Ben. Although it may seem like this is what she wanted from the beginning, Mindy seemed like she was having second thoughts about starting a family again.

The Mindy Project executive producer Matt Warburton explained that the decision to finally have Mindy married had something to do with knowing that the show only has one more season left. Warburton said that now that the character has learned all these things about herself, it felt like it was the perfect time to have her settle down.

However, Mindy seemed like she was having doubts during the finale. Perhaps she was just taken aback with how fast things are moving, or maybe she was disappointed that her wedding did not end up the way she hoped it would. Warburton promised that this will be addressed early on The Mindy Project Season 6.

“The audience will like how we handle it, to give her a little time to process this really big thing that, I think, for Mindy as a little girl and for a lot of little girls they assume is going to be the biggest moment in their life. Some people thought it was very tossed off and happened very casually. The character thinks that, too, so it’s one of the first things that we’re going to address moving forward in the last season,” he said.

Mindy Kaling also pointed out that her character being “obsessed” with marriage was the entire premise of the show. She was so desperate to find love and get married. But now that she has it all, Mindy will come to realize that her life is not going to be easier because of it. The Mindy Project Season 6 picks up six months after Ben and Mindy eloped, and the early episodes will show her character dealing with the challenges of married life.

“For someone who fetishizes marriage so much, we’re like, ‘OK, let’s give it to her and let’s see if it’s as good as she thinks it’s going to be,'” she said.

Although a 10-episode run is short for a series finale, Kaling and Warburton promised fans that it would still be a satisfying one. They also described The Mindy Project Season 6 as “extremely funny” but “very emotional.”

Warburton also promised that they will bring back several fan-favorite guest stars. Even though Ben and Mindy will undoubtedly be the focus of the last season, the showrunner said that we would get to find out what happens to the supporting characters as well.

“We get to see everybody and find out what happens to them, and take Mindy on this big epic, 10-episode journey,” he said.

The Mindy Project Season 6 returns this September on Hulu.

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