Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Releases Terrifying New Red-Band Trailer [Video]

Stephen King’s IT is really starting to raise the excitement level for the film that is due to come out this summer. Now, with a new trailer to add to the online momentum to Stephen King’s IT, there is sure to be a rush at the movie theaters when the film comes out.

With the latest focus in the YouTube trailer for Stephen King’s IT on the infamous gang of kids known as “The Losers Club,” what is revealed is that the kids will go to any length and through any terrain to get the answers they need to protect themselves and the other kids in the fictional town of Derry, Maine.

Of course this trailer for Stephen King’s IT also featured Pennywise the clown with no spoken words, but rather a non-stop ominous tone that seems to set itself apart from the original Pennywise played by actor Tim Curry in 1990.

One thing that fans of Stephen King’s IT remember most about Pennywise is that when Curry played it, he really needed to lure kids in with his classic clown charm. That meant smiles, giggles and witty dialogue that would appeal to children.

As most might have already seen in the previous trailers for Stephen King’s IT, the red balloon seems to stand as the main theme for Pennywise, inherently announcing the arrival of the killer clown in some way. The red balloon floats across the screen in the latest trailer for Stephen King’s IT while the Losers Club first investigate the sewer tunnel, indicating that Pennywise was somewhere close and it was a force to be reckoned with.

Although balloons were indeed present on the original mini-series for Stephen King’s IT, they did not play such a dominant role as they seem to be playing with all of these trailers and teaser footage coming out of the production for the new film. That mini-series relied more heavily on the terrifying fangs that came flashing out of Pennywise’s mouth once we saw its true nature.

Fans of Stephen King’s IT should not expect to see any giant spiders in these teasers or trailers for the film either because that does not come until closer to the end, which will be the second part of Stephen King’s IT in a new film.

What is notably missing from the new Pennywise in Stephen King’s IT is the happy personality the clown puts on to lure his victims in. Instead, Pennywise seems to be relying more heavily on the predatory scares up front instead of waiting until his victims are both close enough and scared enough for him to act on his murderous impulses.

The new Pennywise in Stephen King’s IT is played by Bill Skarsgard (Hemlock Grove) and there have also been reports coming in that he had scared the kids even when they were not filming during production of the film.

Even though most kids will already be back in school by the time Stephen King’s IT is released on September 8, there is a better than good chance that the film will enjoy some massive end-of-summer box office hauls. The hype for the film, especially on social media, is unprecedented.

Fans of Stephen King may remember that this is not the first time that one of his stories have been remade on the big screen. There has already been new adaptations made for a few of his films, which includes Carrie, ‘Salems Lot (TV), The Shining (TV), Firestarter (more of a reboot), The Dead Zone (TV) and most recently, The Mist (TV). There is also a TV series coming to Hulu titled Castle Rock, which will feature many of Stephen King’s tales in an anthology.

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