Selena Gomez Loses Trivia About Herself To A Superfan

The “Bad Liar” singer may not know herself as well as she thinks she does–in fact, Selena Gomez recently played a trivia game about herself with a fan and ended up defeated. A fan named Brooke defeated Miss Gomez in the game of rapid fire questions.

While Selena Gomez and Brooke were head-to-head until the end, it was the tie breaker that ultimate got her. The pair were asked which 13 Reasons Why character has two tapes, and Brooke correctly answered Justin. Other questions Selena Gomez got wrong that Brooke answered correctly about herself were the time her character from Wizards of Waverly Place changed the clock to in the opening sequence of the show, the first concert Selena attended, and her age when she auditioned for Wizards of Waverly Place.

The game was part of a promotion for Selena Gomez’s new music on iHeart Radio. The singer has recently been making the rounds, appearing on Radio Disney and various other media outlets to promote “Bad Liar.”

Selena Gomez has also suffered from not one, but two wardrobe malfunctions in the past week. One happened while she was out with her boyfriend, The Weeknd, and she accidentally exposed her bare breasts underneath a black dress. Fellow Disney star (and casual nudist), Bella Thorne totally backed up Selena, however, saying that it wasn’t her fault that she wasn’t aware of how bright the paparazzi lights were and that the same thing had happened to her before.

The popstar also recently showed off her bare breasts as she exited a Los Angeles soundstage. From the front, the white shirt, capri pants, and white heels combo seemed perfectly acceptable, but as soon as Selena turned to the side, her entire breast was exposed to the waiting crowd. Oops.

In the Fan Vs. Artist duel with Selena Gomez, she appeared to be wearing a much more modest outfit, almost wearing pajamas in order to cover up. It is unknown if this is due to the recent wardrobe malfunctions or just because she had selected this outfit to wear for the show.

Selena Gomez has made headlines not just for her accidental baring of her body, but also because the star is madly in love with her boyfriend, The Weeknd. The star famously dated Justin Bieber for several years in a whirlwind on-again, off-again relationship that never seemed particularly healthy. Now, however, the star is reported to be head over heels in love with the singer, and the relationship is much more grown up.

Selena Gomez recently told a media outlet that she went public with the relationship because she just wanted to be happy.

“I just want to be happy. If that’s me just being myself, then I don’t really care,” she said.

She also elaborated, saying she now felt more comfortable in her own skin.

“Because I’ve been doing this for so long, I don’t feel like there’s anything that I would want to … not necessarily hide, but I’m genuinely myself. It’s too much pressure, and I think everyone gets over everything eventually,” she said.

The star recently revealed that “Bad Liar” is likely about her romance with The Weeknd. She stated that the term “Bad Liar” was about how difficult it is to keep your feelings a secret when you’re first falling in love with someone, and it was written around the same time that she began to fall for The Weeknd.

Selena Gomez spoke about her relationship on a Sirius XM radio interview last week.

“I hang out with my new person a lot. I love being supportive. I love just being there and having someone’s back. It feels good. I haven’t had that feeling in awhile,” she said.

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