Eddie Cibrian Tells Brandi Glanville Where She Can Go With Accusations That LeAnn Rimes Is Stalking Her

Eddie Cibrian is firing back at ex-wife Brandi Glanville, who, for some reason, is convinced that Eddie’s current wife, country star LeAnn Rimes, is stalking her.

As TooFab reported, Glanville has been using social media – in particular, showing receipts and screenshots of conversations and whatever other minutiae she can come up with – to make a case that Eddie’s new wife, LeAnn, is stalking her. Now Eddie has had enough, and is himself bringing out the receipts and screenshots to make his own case; particularly, that LeAnn is doing nothing more than being a good stepmom.

The whole situation got started with a visit to a Malibu sushi place, Nobu. As TooFab reported on Friday, Brandi and her current boyfriend, Donald ‘DJ’ Friese, had planned to get some beach-side sushi in the exclusive Pacific coast community, in order to celebrate Step Mother’s Day (a day early). DJ had tweeted about the planned dinner, telling Brandi at the time that he’d meet up with her in about an hour.

In one of the all-time worst cases of Bad Timing in all of human history (or, if you believe Brandi, the whole thing was planned), Eddie, LeAnn, and Eddie and Brandi’s kids (Mason and Jake) were also there.

“They sat across the room from us just to hurt and torment me by using my own children as pawns. Ive [sic] done my best to keep quiet over all of her antics but bringing my boys into this was my breaking point. I just want the truth out there and for all of her nonsense to stop.”

As “proof” that LeAnn had planned the whole thing just to aggravate Brandi, Brandi showed a screenshot of DJ’s tweet, a screenshot of her own tweet that she was headed to Malibu, and a Snapchat photo from LeAnn’s account.

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So was it all just indescribably bad timing, or did LeAnn, as Brandi claims, creep Brandi and DJ’s social media posts in order to find out where they were going to be, and then show up with their kids, just to torment her?

Now Eddie is firing back at Brandi’s allegations. And, taking a page from Brandi’s book, he’s using screenshots of his own. Eddie took to Twitter on Friday to answer Brandi’s accusation with a screenshot of a conversation between LeAnn and Kiki Caldas. Long story short, Eddie claims that LeAnn and Kiki had made reservations at Nobu a full five days before Brandi started talking about going there.

Besides offering visual proof, Eddie also provided a lengthy statement to TooFab about the whole deal.

“LeAnn and I did not nor have we ever ‘shown up’ at places where Brandi will be. Why would we do that? Makes no sense. We had a reservation held at Nobu five days before Brandi posted she was going. Here is the proof and if anyone needs more, call Nobu and they will confirm… This is not healthy behavior. I’m very concerned.”

Clearly things are going to be ugly between Eddie and Brandi, and LeAnn and Brandi, for the forseeable future. And while Brandi’s behavior may be best described as “obnoxious,” we can kind-of giver her a pass, considering that she and Eddie were married when he cheated on her with LeAnn, and then later went on to marry her AND get custody of the kids. That’s got to sting a little bit.

Hopefully, Brandi, Eddie, and LeAnn can put aside their differences for the sake of the young children in the family.

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