‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: New Cast Information Creates Excitement For ‘BB19,’ Find Out Everything Known So Far

Big Brother 19 begins in 28 days, and the spoilers are just now starting to roll in. In just a few days, CBS should reveal the BB19 house and cast, something that fans cannot wait to see. It won’t be long before Big Brother fans are glued to the livefeeds, hanging on every word the houseguests say and trying to predict who will be evicted.

All New Cast?

On Friday, June 9, BB17 Leaks posted to Twitter that Season 19 will be an all-new cast. For the last couple weeks, Big Brother fans have wondered if the cast would be new or returning players, or possibly a mix of the two. The Twitter account claims that it will be an all-new cast, but doesn’t answer the question on everyone’s mind — will reality television stars from other shows cross over to BB19?

BB17 Leaks wasn’t sure if other reality TV stars would appear on Big Brother 19. Technically, if a Survivor alum crossed over to BB19, they would be a new cast member, just someone the audience may know. CBS only revealed the cast would be all new players and there would be a huge twist revealed on the premiere episode.

New Cast Information?

Forever posted to Twitter on Saturday, June 10, that their source confirmed a few details about the Big Brother 19 cast. Apparently, there will be two Donald Trump supporters in the cast. Also in the BB19 cast, a female yoga instructor from Texas, a Bollywood actor from New York, a male bakery manager from Wyoming, and a female bartender from Miami, Florida.

Two hours later, Forever posted more cast spoilers. Apparently, a 29-year-old Berkely professor and 21-year old Berkeley student will join the BB19 cast. Also, a model for Urban Outfitters and a 30-something single mom-of-five that works at home.

Big Brother did not cast anyone from the Rousso and Calafiore family, so the rumors that Paulie and Cody’s father joining the cast is not true.

Big Brother 19 spoilers state that there will be 18 houseguests this season, which means, on premiere night, there could be an eviction.

Big Brother Comics will return on at least one of the challenges. So far, Battle of the Block will probably not return.

For the past few weeks, the rumor going around social media is that the house will be jungle themed. Apparently, Forever claims that is not true. They gave no hints to what the theme could be for Big Brother 19. We’ll have to wait until the official house reveal to see the theme, which should happen in the next few weeks.

When Will CBS Make A Casting Announcement?

Big Brother 19 fans assume that CBS will make the casting announcement and the house reveal during the week of June 19. It seems like every year, the network reveals the cast about seven to 10 days before the show begins. Last year, Big Brother premiere almost a week earlier than this year, which means Season 19 could be shorter. A shorter season isn’t exactly a bad thing either. Many Big Brother fans welcomed the thought of a shorter season since the last few weeks of the show tend to drag without much action.

It won’t be long until Big Brother returns to CBS and fans will be glued to the livefeeds to get to know 16 (or as the spoilers revealed 18) houseguests. To join in on the fun, head to CBS’s website, and subscribe to CBS All Access. It’s less than six bucks a month with limited commercials. The livefeeds will give you 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to the houseguests.

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Big Brother 19 returns on June 28 with a two-hour premiere on CBS.

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