‘Protective’ Melania Moving Into White House, Asks Americans To Sign President’s 71st Birthday Card By June 14

First Lady Melania Trump has sent out an email on Saturday, June 10, with the subject line reading, “The President’s Birthday Card.” The text of the email was a “forwarded message” with the wording “From: Melania Trump” in place of where Melania’s email address would be, with the forwarded message’s subject line also reading, “The President’s Birthday Card.” The actual email was sent from contact@victory.donaldtrump.com, and was signed off as “Warmly, Melania Trump.” The email included a photo of Melania in a signature red dress and smiling.

“I wanted to save reaching out to you for a very special event. On June 14, 2017, President Trump will turn 71, and I need your help to make it a birthday my husband will never forget. Our celebrations always include family and close friends. You have certainly proven yourself to be a loyal friend of my husband through your support of his positive vision to Make America Great Again and your unwavering commitment to the Republican Party. Please, join me in celebrating Donald’s 71st birthday by signing the card before the deadline, 9:00 PM on June 14, 2017. And to make it even more special, be sure to include your personal message. [Email recipient,] Donald will be glad to hear from friends like you who have meant so much to his and our Party’s success.”

Donald Trump and Melania Trump at the White House in 2011 [Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]

Going on to say that support and kind wishes mean so much to Melania’s family, the email notes that President Trump’s official birthday card will hopefully be signed by millions of Americans. It noted that Wednesday, June 14, would be President Trump’s first birthday in the White House. In addition, having been born in 1946, at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Mr. Trump just might have Melania with him in the White House on the day he turns 71 years of age.

As reported by CNN, in an article titled “Melania Trump moves in,” Melania will likely start moving in, potentially as soon as next week. Melania has made appearances and visits to the White House over the last five months, but June has been the highly awaited move-in month for Melania. Months ago, Melania had also chosen Tham Kannalikham as the interior designer for the Trump family’s private White House living quarters, as reported by CNN.

President Donald Trump and Melania Trump talk to a reporter
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However, according to the publication, Melania shouldn’t have to worry about unpacking nor stocking food in the kitchen. The list of items that Melania and her family uses probably has already been provided to East Wing staff in the White House to have available upon Melania’s move. Melania could very well feel like a prisoner in the White House, note experts who harken back to the time that Sasha Obama opened a window in the White House, causing the Obamas to receive phone calls. Former First Lady Michelle Obama said that the window in the White House never opened again.

After placing a name, email address and zip code information into the form, users receive the following message, prompting them to make a donation.

“Thank you for signing President Trump’s 71st birthday card. You have certainly proven yourself to be a loyal friend of President Donald Trump through your steadfast support of his positive vision to Make America Great Again! Your continued support is critical to supporting the President’s America First Agenda. Please make a contribution today to commemorate his birthday.”

As reported by Politico report, Melania’s body language and actions sometimes suggest to experts that Melania is extremely protective of President Trump. The fact that Melania keeps an eye out for those on President Trump’s staff that display the most loyalty to Mr. Trump has earned Melania the “protective” label.

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