Katy Perry Livestream Spawns Speculation Of ‘Big Brother 19’ Connection

Katy Perry is in the house—but is it the Big Brother house? On the heels of the announcement of pop superstar Katy Perry’s highly publicized album livestream from an unidentified California house, Big Brother fans are convinced the voyeuristic publicity ploy is somehow related to the long-running CBS summertime reality show.

The reason for the Katy Perry/Big Brother hoopla stems from a series of tweets posted by Fly on the Wall Entertainment, the company that produces Big Brother. The production company has been teasing Katy Perry’s livestream, an event that they are also producing.

“Get ready for some fireworks from us tonight,” the entertainment production company posted ahead of Katy Perry’s livestream. The company also told Perry’s fans it was time for them to be a “fly on the wall” to “witness” Katy’s new album, which is titled Witness.

Well before Fly on the Wall’s Twitter page became the go-to site for Katy Perry fans, the company regularly posted teasers about Big Brother. Several tweets have been posted counting down the days until the Season 19 premiere of the long-running CBS summertime reality show. In fact, the Big Brother logo is the banner on the Fly on The Wall Twitter page.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Katy Perry will stay in a Big Brother-style house for a long weekend where cameras will capture her every waking, sleeping, and meditating move as she previews her new music. In addition to Perry’s moves, the cameras will capture the goings on of people in the house, including artists who are painting Big Brother-esque murals on the walls of the house. Perry seems right at home in front of the cameras and doesn’t mind her every move playing out online.

“I feel like I was born on the internet,” Katy said, according to ET. “I’m gonna have a rebirth on the Internet.”

Rumors about Katy Perry’s motives for the Big Brother-style album launch started with some gossip sites reporting that she was recording a music video inside the actual Big Brother 19 house.

Both Katy Perry’s fans and Big Brother fans alike were confused by the connection, with some even believing the unlikely scenario that Perry has been placed in the house as the first BB19 houseguest. It has still not been confirmed if Katy Perry is currently housed inside the actual digs that CBS uses for Big Brother each summer.

While Katy Perry is not known to be a Big Brother superfan, several big name stars are, including Ariana Grande and Neil Patrick Harris. Comedian Kathy Griffin, who recently made headlines for the controversial beheading photo she posted of Donald Trump, is also a Big Brother superfan and she even teamed up with BB mainstay Zingbot to surprise houseguests with a cameo on the 16th season of CBS reality show.

While the house Katy Perry is hanging out in this weekend has the bold colors and pop culture-infused look of the CBS summertime house, there is no word yet on what the “theme” for Big Brother 19 is yet. If Katy Perry is the theme, we’re good.

BB host Julie Chen routinely gives a sneak peek preview tour of the Big Brother house ahead of the show’s premiere. Last year’s Big Brother house included 87 cameras and 110 microphones to pick up every conversation among the houseguests—even in the shower! While Big Brother diehards would love to think these same microphones are picking up Katy Perry’s conversations, even the most hopeful BB19 fans know that it is pretty unlikely.

Katy Perry’s Witness livestream plays out all weekend on YouTube. Big Brother 19 premieres June 28 on CBS.

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