‘Big Brother 19’ Twist: Does The ‘BB19’ Cast Have An Early Twist This Summer?

A Big Brother 19 twist is getting advertised on social media now. A Twitter account, known for posting Big Brother spoilers, has just announced that there is going to be a twist for the BB19 cast as well. The post states that they will reveal details about the Big Brother twist when sequester finally begins.

Can The Twitter Account Advertising A Big Brother 19 Twist Be Trusted?

It’s not exactly a stretch for anyone to come out and say that there is going to be a Big Brother 19 twist at some point this summer. That goes without saying, as it is something that the reality competition show has prided itself on over the years. Viewers go into each season knowing that there will be twists and turns, all while hoping it will lead to some drama and excitement inside the house.

The Twitter account, known as BB17 Leaks, does have a track record of posting Big Brother spoilers before they happen. The account let fans know that Liz Nolan had a twin sister (Julia Nolan) before that information was even announced by CBS. The account also posted who the weekly guests and competition hosts would be during Big Brother 18, as Dr. Will Kirby, Rachel Reilly, and Brendon Villegas all made appearances.

Another Big Brother twist that this Twitter account told fans was about the returning houseguests within the BB18 cast. It correctly stated that Nicole Franzel, James Huling, Frank Eudy, and Da’Vonne Rogers would all be returning to the game. They did end up returning and Nicole Franzel became the Big Brother 18 winner, taking home the $500,000 prize. Successfully predicting Big Brother spoilers in the past has Rachel Reilly following the account on Twitter.

What Might The Big Brother 19 Twist Be This Summer?

There are definitely a lot of possibilities when it comes to a Big Brother 19 twist, including having some returning houseguests pop up after the new cast has entered the house. Producers have used coaches and teams in the past as well as simply having former houseguests start showing up (like during Big Brother 18). Other familiar twists in the BB19 house could be using relatives (like Evel Dick and Danielle Donato) or even friends from outside the game.

One possible twist that has found its way into a number of Big Brother rumors this spring is that the new houseguests may have already been on other reality competition shows. Could cast members from Survivor or The Amazing Race find their way into the Big Brother house? Those two shows are also on CBS every year, so it wouldn’t take much to convince them to come on another one if a cash prize was on the line (it is).

Big Brother Fans Want Originality And An Exciting Big Brother 19 Twist

If producers are paying attention to what the fans and live feed subscribers want to see on the program, then they are going to come up with an original and exciting Big Brother 19 twist. Not only could the show use some “new blood” on it, but it could also use a theme and game plots that haven’t been done in past seasons. While familiarity can certainly bring some comfort to die-hard viewers, shaking things up could guarantee people stay tuned in.

When Will BB19 Cast Get Sequestered This Summer?

Tracking back to the promise from this Twitter account for Big Brother leaks, the statement was made that they would reveal the Big Brother 19 twist once the cast had been sequestered. That usually happens when there are less than two weeks remaining until the season premiere. The first episode of this season airs on June 28, so production still has a lot of time to use within that window. For fans who can’t wait to find out what that Big Brother 19 twist might be, BB17 Leaks is certainly worth following on Twitter.

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