James Bond Auditions: David Beckham, James Corden Vie For International Spy Role

David Beckham and James Corden have recently competed in an audition for the James Bond role, which is a good thing just in case Daniel Craig won’t be coming back to film the upcoming Bond 25.

The James Bond audition, which can be viewed below, begins with James Corden waiting to be called into the audition room. Suddenly, David Beckham arrives, prompting Corden to call out to the newcomer that it is an audition for the iconic spy role and not something else.

“You know this is an audition for James Bond, right? It’s not an underwear commercial.”

But when the two were both called into the audition together, things start to get hilarious. The first test involves filming for that iconic gun barrel sequence, which is a signature device found in the intro of almost all James Bond films. Shot from the perspective of a sniper peering through the telescopic sight of his sniper rifle, agent 007 walks into the crosshairs but quickly turns around and shoots the would-be assassin.

David Beckham pulls it off showing that he is indeed Bond material. But when it was James Corden’s turn, one glance and one can tell that something is off – something is so un-Bondlike in his attire. Even the personnel handling the casting wonders why Corden is wearing a rather bright costume complete with a little pony design at the back rather than the usual slick black Bond tux. To his defense, Corden explains that it is the only suit hanging in his dressing room while Beckham points out the possibility someone must have changed it.

As both try to undermine one another’s chances of becoming the next James Bond, the audition process quickly escalates into a fierce competition between Corden and Beckham. Eventually, the casting personnel ends the audition saying that they are unprofessional.

Of course, the entire clip is just a sketch on Late Late Show in London last Thursday, according to the Hollywood Reporter. However, it is also a reminder that until now, it is yet unclear if Daniel Craig will be returning to the franchise for the filming of Bond 25.

In October of 2015, Craig surprised fans when he announced that he is departing from the franchise. In fact, the actor was reported to have said that he would rather “slash my wrists” than make another James Bond film, the Telegraph reported.

With Craig unsure of playing agent 007 in Bond 25, fans have been suggesting top male actors for the coveted role. Actors like Tom Hiddleston, Theo James, Tom Hardy, and Idris Elba have been suggested by their respective fans for the post.

For his fans, Tom Hiddleston is the perfect gentleman to play the iconic spy role. The actor is known worldwide for his role as the Asgardian Loki in several Marvel movies like Thor and The Avengers. However, his role in the hit BBC series The Night Manager is considered to be one of the strongest arguments on why he should be the next James Bond. In the series, his character is an articulate, charming but deadly British spy that is very similar to agent 007.

Theo James is also one of the top fan-recommended actors for the Bond role. His acting credentials include some of the top grossing films such as the Divergent movies, Underworld: Awakening, Underworld: Blood Wars, Bedlam, and Golden Boy. Last year, many were led to believe that Theo James was already chosen for the role but the source of the information was later traced to a satire article.

Tom Hardy is also being eyed as a possible James Bond material. He starred in several films such as Black Hawk Down, Star Trek: Nemesis, Inception, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Dark Knight Rises.

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However, it may not be necessary for the franchise to search for a new James Bond actor. Apparently, there is still a possibility for Daniel Craig to do another Bond film. According to the Telegraph, Craig seemed to have backtracked from his original statement and has revealed he would miss playing the agent 007 role.

“If I were to stop doing it, I would miss it terribly.”

Of course, there is always David Beckham and James Corden just in case. See the hilarious clip below.

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