Bachelorette Cast-off Lucas Yancey Claims “Whaboom” As His Own, Reveals Secrets

Lucas Yancey, who was eliminated from The Bachelorette Season 13 this week, said he trademarked “Whaboom” three years ago, squishing alum Chad Johnson’s hopes of high-handedness on trademarking the saying before Yancey got eliminated from the show.

Yancey, 30, who appeared on iHeart radio’s Domenick Nati Show on Friday, June 9, may no longer be vying for Rachel Lindsay’s affections on Season 13 of The Bachelorette, but he still has big plans for his signature move, the WhaBoom.

Yancey noted that Johnson, 28, messaged him through Instagram to say that he had trademarked the saying, but as it turns out, Yancey has had “Whaboom” trademarked for three years now.

“That’s the real, actual story. [Johnson] is the one continuing to show himself to be this bully and just a bad guy. I don’t know how many more chances people can give him,” Yancey said of the Bachelor in Paradise veteran. “He’s just a bad person, unfortunately. I’m already five steps of you, bro. Congratulations on being a bully.”

The 28-year-old Chad Johnson, who starred on JoJo Fletcher’s Season 12, is also in the news. Fans are surprised because he is skipping out on the Bachelor spinoff.

“I do have a girlfriend right now,” he revealed. “We’ve been dating off and on I think two or three months and I think we made it official like two weeks ago,” speaking about his girlfriend model Zoe Baron.

Yancey confessed to appearing on ABC’s dating show 50 percent for love and 50 percent for fame.

Yancey was making the most of 15 minutes of TV fame on the show by promoting “Whaboom” as much as he could. Turns out, he already has a website where fans can shop the wearable catchphrase, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The site sells T-shirts, bro tanks, and V-necks with the same logo Yancey wore on Lindsay’s Bachelorette premiere. A marketing strategy already seems in place.

“If you take a picture of you wearing the shirt and post it on Instagram and tag me,” he instructs, “we will send you another shirt for free! Any size.”

The Santa Monica native also seems to know why he didn’t click with the Dallas-based lawyer.

“I think at the end of the day, we didn’t have that WhaBoom-ness chemistry. That wasn’t there, that spark.”

However, Yancey noted that he and Lindsay, 31, shared a “fun, loving kind of friendship that could have built up more if [he] was on longer.”

Earlier on the show, Yancey had blamed Blake Elarbee. “I think it was Blake’s fault that I got eliminated,” he quipped to Jimmy Kimmel.

Blake E., the other contestant who spent his entire time on the show trying to expose Yancey as a fame-seeking con man, also got the boot.

Turns out both Yancey and Elarbee competed together on WE tv’s Ex Isle, in which on-again, off-again couples escape to an island retreat to experience conscious uncoupling in a reality TV format. Elarbee apparently hooked up here with Yancey’s ex. Elarbee joined the cast on the island as one of the “sexy new singles” to swoop in and land a date. No wonder there was bad blood on the Bachelorette between these two.

Around three minutes into the interview, the host asked, “Now, do you say ‘whaboom!’ during sex?”

“Great question,” Lucas said. “I definitely do not unless someone pays me to do that.” He then let out a screeching “whaaaaaboom,” confirming that no woman wants to ever hear that in bed.

Yancey shared that from an insider’s perspective, Josiah and Peter have the “strongest connection” with Rachel, and reveals “all the other guys are kind of just playing along with the game.”

What’s your take on the “Whaboom” guy – love him or hate him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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