‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Host Julie Chen Drops Hint On Twitter, Is ‘BB19’ Cast Announcement Coming?

Big Brother 19 spoilers may be coming as host Julie Chen just left a big hint on her Twitter account. Big Brother 19 has its first episode on June 28, meaning there isn’t much time left for CBS to reveal the house, who is in the cast, and what the theme might be this summer. It has left fans scrambling on social media for even the smallest piece of information, which might be why Julie Chen just put up the photo that is posted below.

What Does Julie Chen’s Post Mean And Are Big Brother 19 Spoilers Coming Out?

There are a lot of ways that fans can read the Twitter post that Julie Chen just made, including that it is a precursor to some Big Brother 19 spoilers getting revealed. That it took place on a Friday evening (June 9) might also suggest that it is just a hint of things to come later on down the road, with this post intended to help create additional buzz for when the real information finally gets released.

Upcoming Big Brother 19 spoilers are going to include a house tour conducted by Julie Chen, which could presumably take place during an episode of The Talk on CBS. When the Big Brother 18 cast was revealed, video interviews of the 12 new houseguests were uploaded to the CBS All Access application. That could happen again this year as well because it is an easy way to get more people to subscribe to the live feeds.

Too Many BB19 Cast Lists And Too Much False Information On Social Media

With too much time on their hands, a lot of viewers have been posting fake BB19 cast lists and false information about the coming season on social media. Even former houseguests have gotten into that “game,” as former Big Brother winner Jun Song stated that this would be the final season of the show. Many fans already know that Big Brother 20 received pre-approval from CBS and will air in the summer of 2018.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, many manufactured BB19 cast lists have been posted on social media, most of them containing GinaMarie Zimmerman and Amanda Zuckerman as former houseguests working for a second chance on the show. That’s one of the Big Brother 19 spoilers that fans most want production and CBS to address. Until information about the theme is released, the debate about whether there should be a brand new cast or a season of just returners will rage on.

The Twitter page for Hamsterwatch has been posting what they believe to be the hometowns of the BB19 cast members. Every season, CBS has to do cast introduction packages, mostly showing the staged surprise of new houseguests as they find a Big Brother key stashed in their hometowns. Reservations have to be made in those towns before production gets there, leaving a very good clue to follow for fans who are trying to figure out who will be a BB19 cast member.

Does Julie Chen Already Have All The Answers And Big Brother 19 Spoilers?

It may be safe to assume that host Julie Chen already knows everything about how the summer 2017 season of Big Brother is going to work. That would make it very easy for her to continuously drop hints on Twitter until CBS and the production team decides to release the official BB19 cast list. The Friday night post gives a lot of hope that more information is forthcoming and it would be pretty cruel if she is just teasing fans for the rest of the weekend.

Anyone who is extremely anxious about when the information is set to come out should follow Julie Chen’s Twitter account very closely for the next 24 hours. Even if she doesn’t provide specific information, she may start posting pictures about what the house looks like or whether familiar faces will be in the BB19 cast. Either way, at some point in the near future, those much-awaited Big Brother 19 spoilers will become widely posted.

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