‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For June 12 To 16: Helena Haunts Sam And Jason, Carson Reunion, Charlotte Rebels

General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 12 promises more intrigue and Port Charles is up for more drama. Jason (Billy Miller) will continue looking into the Chimera project, and new GH episodes will reveal that there’s more to Helena Cassadine’s curse. Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Jake (Hudson West) are still in harm’s way. Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) will give their marriage another chance but not everyone is going to be happy about their decision. Children in Port Charles will reveal their rebellious streaks in the upcoming week.

Curse From Beyond The Grave

General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 12 reveal Sam (Kelly Monaco) will have premonitions about the danger their family is going to face. After Jake was threatened, Jason is more intent on finding who is trying to go after his son. Spoilers reveal Jason is going to have some interesting lead on Helena Cassadine’s henchman.

This week on General Hospital, Sam will be edgy after having horrible premonitions. Meanwhile, Jason will discover more information that would affect his family. Spoilers also suggest Liz will do her best to protect her son, it seems like Sam, Jason, Liz, and Jake will all be in danger due to the appearance of Helena’s henchman in Port Charles.

Second Chances

General Hospital spoilers reveal Carly and Sonny will share a sweet moment. Carly wants to give their relationship another try. Spoilers suggest Carly will start thinking she did the wrong thing. Carly and Sonny had serious issues and the mob boss did hook up with his wife’s lawyer. However, the couple might get back together. Even if Carly is in a forgiving mood due to the recent revelations about Ava’s involvement in Morgan’s death, someone would question her actions.

GH spoilers suggest Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) will stand in her way. Carly may have forgiven Sonny but Josslyn will not let the mob boss get away with everything. She could have serious objections to her mom’s decisions.

Kid Troubles

Lulu’s wish to have Charlotte in her care finally came true but it seems like she underestimated how hard it is to raise kids. When Anna stops by to visit Charlotte, she might be surprised with Lulu’s current situation.

Charlotte may not be in Valentin Cassadine’s care but she seems to be adapting well to her new living situation. However, things will take a sudden turn with Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) visit. As Valentin was taken away, he asked Anna to deliver a video message to Charlotte where he reassured his little girl that he will be back for her. Anna had second thoughts on whether it would be wise to give Charlotte the message but she already promised Valentin that she will.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday reveal that Valentin’s video message will upset Charlotte deeply. Anna and Lulu agreed that it would be better to tell Charlotte that Valentin is away on business. Spoilers hint the video message will make Charlotte think Valentin abandoned her, and she will leave Port Charles alone. It seems like Lulu will experience the temperamental side of Valentin’s sweet little girl. Summer spoilers for General Hospital suggest Valentin will be back in PC soon, and he is going to be enraged when he discovers Charlotte is missing.

Other General Hospital Spoilers

Next week on General Hospital, Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) might be in a difficult position. Nurse Amy (Risa Dorken) received a book deal, and she needs to ask him a favor. Spoilers tease Nathan needs to decide whether he should say yes to a favor from Amy. Interesting enough, he is going to gain some insight on his current situation.

Meanwhile, Michael Quartermaine and Nelle Hayes are going to get closer to each other. These two are going to have more romantic moments soon. General Hospital spoilers hint several PC residents are going to make a stand as to Ava’s situation in the upcoming week.

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