‘Return To Amish’ Couple Jeremiah And Carmela Raber Back Together, Photo Suggests

Return to Amish stars Carmela and Jeremiah Raber has a rough first year of marriage, which came to the point that they have to stay away from each other. However, a recent photo posted by Carmela on her Facebook page suggests that they two are finally back together.

Carmela and Jeremiah working on marriage

Carmela recently posted a photo of her and her husband on the beach. The caption does not say much, but fans have been commenting that the two look happy together and some expressed their joy to see them back together.

However, as it turned out, the photo was taken before they broke up. Carmela confirmed in the comments section that the picture is probably about a year older.

International Business Times reported that Jeremiah posted on his Facebook that his wife has taken him back. He shared that they are still working on making things better. But for some reasons, the post has been deleted already.

Living apart in Florida

Last week, Carmela confirmed that she has returned to Florida. However, she said that she and her husband would not be living together in the same house in the meantime. She wrote:

“I just want to say before it gets twisted that yes im going to Florida… No Jeremiah will not be staying in the same household with me. We have 2 properties, his parents live a few miles away.”

The Return to Amish couple would be working on their own individual issues first, as Carmela said. She continued as follows.

“I love Jeremiah and I got married for the long haul and yes he has issues and I have issues as well it takes two people to either fight or get along. We both made the decision to fight for our relationship.”


In April, Jeremiah was arrested for domestic violence. Radar Online reported that Raber assaulted his wife, who told the police that her husband made several threats to harm her. Jeremiah insisted though that it is not entirely his fault and it’s not a one-way street. He even said he has evidence to prove his innocence.

Later on, he issued a public apology, admitting that he had hurt his wife. He wrote the following on his Facebook page.

“My behavior was extremely inappropriate, immature, and lacked the respect she deserved. It was a very bad idea to do what I did. It was embarrassing, and I learned that she didn’t deserve my poor behavior.”

On her part, Carmela also admitted that she has her part on their marriage trouble. She said the following.

“I need help as well I’m not perfect either. I have things I need to work on to help our relationship succeed… I’m not jumping back into the same house but the ultimate goal is to get back together and have the family we dreamed of.”

In the episodes of Return to Amish Season 4, the couple goes to therapy, but it does not look to be working on them. They usually end up fighting during their session and Carmela would run out from there, as she often does in times of tense situations. Regardless, Carmela and Jeremiah refuse to give up on it and on their marriage. They are reportedly going through personal counseling to improve their self first. Then they would go to marriage counseling together.


Some Return to Amish fans have been encouraging Carmela to never go back to Jeremiah, saying that his husband would never change. Others are hopeful that the two would be able to work things out and get back together the soonest. “I love Jeremiah and I got married for the long haul,” Carmela said.

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