WWE Rumors: Seth Rollins Wants The Undertaker In ‘WrestleMania’ Match But Will It Happen?

In the latest WWE rumors, Seth Rollins wants to battle in a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania, but will it ever happen? Even though Rollins’ former Shield tag partner, Roman Reigns, seemed to end Taker’s career at this year’s Mania, the rumors are still going that he’s not quite done. “The Architect” recently spoke about “The Deadman” and crossing paths with him in the squared circle before. However, he also mentioned his dream match possibility of facing Taker. Here’s the latest on what Rollins had to say about the legendary competitor and The Undertaker’s health situation.

While working to promote WWE’s overseas tour in Singapore, Seth Rollins recently spoke with Bandwagon.Asia, per Sportskeeda‘s report. During his talk, Rollins addressed The Undertaker, regarding what it is like to share the ring with “The Phenom.” He talked up his previous experience back when he was part of a six-man tag team match involving his Shield brothers, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns as they took on Daniel Bryan, Kane, and The Undertaker. That match was held in London, England during a Monday Night Raw episode and gave the fans an entertaining match where they got to see Undertaker perform several of his trademark moves.

The Undertaker faced all of The Shield in a match where he teamed with Daniel Bryan and Kane in London. [Image by WWE]

The Shield got the win there, but Rollins had nothing but praise for his legendary opponent in his comments about that experience.

“I got to step into the ring with The Undertaker once in a 6 Man Tag Team in London. It was a tremendous experience getting to look him in the eye across the ring. He’s an absolute legend, a first-ballot future Hall of Famer, it was very surreal considering our age difference but he could still put on a great performance.”

At this year’s WrestleMania 33, fans watched as The Undertaker made what some fans believe was his final appearance working in a WWE wrestling match. Taker was certainly well-received but has his moments where he had trouble working the match with Roman Reigns. That was clearly due to age, and nagging injury concerns, including a hip that needed surgery. After Reigns scored the pinfall and celebrated on his way out, it was time for Undertaker to deliver what could be one of the most memorable moments. In what could have been his farewell to the fans, Taker removed his coat, hat, and gloves, to place them in the center of the ring, almost as if leaving his legendary gimmick there.

Seth Rollins battled Undertaker in a six-man tag match years ago but wants a singles bout. [Image by WWE]

Still, that has not stopped WWE rumors from persisting, and even Seth Rollins says he isn’t sure that was it for “The Deadman.”

“Is the Undertaker retired? I don’t know, the way he left the arena at WrestleMania 33 it would look like it, but you never know in this business. If he’s up for another match at WrestleMania I’d love to be his opponent.”

It seems far-fetched at this point to believe that Taker would work a match, and if he did, it would also seem that a competitor of Rollins’ nature might not be best suited for the elder wrestler. Rollins does plenty of high-flying spots during his matches which would be tough for Undertaker to work with. If he were to return to the ring, one would think that Undertaker would be better against someone such as Braun Strowman, Rusev, or Big Cass, although there probably wouldn’t be any Tombstone Piledrivers. Still, the size of those particular competitors would be easier to build a match around with “The Phenom.”

That said, it was reported within the month or so after his WrestleMania moment, that The Undertaker, real name Mark Calaway, was seen at a New York hospital with his wife, Michelle McCool. Reportedly, Taker received the much-needed hip surgery he’d been putting off for so long. While it’s possible that Undertaker possesses supernatural healing powers, it would seem that at his age and with the necessary recovery for such a surgery, that his time grappling in the ring is done.

Still, with teases by Michael Cole on commentary claiming that “Reigns may have sent Undertaker to retirement,” that always leaves the door, or casket, open for “one more match.” Seth Rollins seems like he’ll be near the front of the line if that happens.

[Featured Image by WWE]

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