Why Melania Trump Really Swatted Donald’s Hand Away In Israel

When the Donald and Melania Trump landed in Israel last month, the world was watching when a hand-holding gesture went wrong. It wasn’t the first time the president and first lady made headlines over their heavily scrutinized body language, but the incident in Israel drew the most interest because there was no mistaking that Melania was sending her husband a message with the quick flick of her wrist.

Rumors continue that Melania Trump is miserable in her marriage and that she’s distressed by how her life has turned out. Despite the speculations, a source reveals that the first lady wasn’t rejecting her husband’s hand when he reached for hers while walking on the tarmac at Tel Aviv. According to Politico, a person who spoke with the couple about the incident shares that Melania wasn’t intentionally dismissing Donald’s hand, with the report stating that it “was not intended to be a repudiation of her husband,” but was about her “being attuned to protocol and pushing away what she saw as an inappropriate gesture for an official arrival.”

Debate raged on for a week after the hand-holding incident between Donald and Melania Trump. The media widely reported on Melania appearing to swat her husband’s hand away and fiery reactions ensued. Rumors of disenchantment in the marriage intensified and just as many argued that the public will go to any length to find fault with the Trumps even if it’s looking for something that isn’t there. A body language expert weighed in on the matter, saying that Melania didn’t want Donald reaching for her as she walked a few paces behind him because she didn’t want to be “led like a child.” In the end, it turns out Melania only wanted to show respect to those who hosted them in the Middle East. They’re known to have far more conservative views when it comes to showing physical affection.

The couple did hold hands on their overseas trip after arriving in Italy. It was a headlining event when the two held hands inside the Sistine Chapel following their meeting with Pope Francis.

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Melania is moving into the White House with Barron on June 14, which is expected to cut down on the negative reports about her marriage. Although Melania chose to stay in New York City after Trump’s inauguration so the couple’s 11-year-old son could finish the school year, skeptics didn’t buy it. They assumed it was either because Melania didn’t want to move to the White House or because she wanted to keep her distance from her husband. Then last week a novelist accused Melania of having an affair for “many years” with the head of security at Tiffany’s inside Trump Tower. She further alleged that one of the reasons why Melania wanted to stay in New York was due to the affair. The first lady never responded to the explosive claims and only a few news outlets reported on the woman’s allegations. Strangely, the novelist has since removed the tweets, but made no mention as to why.

Now that Melania Trump is moving to the White House, speculations and chatter about why she remained in New York should finally cease. It’s unknown how much more of the first lady the nation will get to see after she’s all settled in. An aide at the White House told Politico that Melania isn’t seen around the Oval Office much during the day whenever she’s in town. She may be in there before or after a function she took part in, but stays out of the chaos of staffers going in and out of the Oval Office on workdays. Instead, Melania prefers to stay in the East Wing with her small staff of aides.

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