Mary Kay Letourneau Used Notes In Breast Milk Bottles To Communicate With Minor Lover While In Prison

The scandalous relationship between Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau has, once again, been dominating tabloid headlines. The controversial pair first made news over two decades ago when Letourneau, a married school teacher, was accused of raping and becoming pregnant by Fualaau, her 12-year-old student at the time. Mary Kay Letourneau would go on to plead guilty to two counts of felony second-degree rape of a child and sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

She was also ordered to stay away from Vili Fualaau for life. However, during her legal battles, Mary Kay managed to get pregnant by her young student for a second time before being imprisoned from 1998 to 2004.

When Mary Kay was released from custody in 2004, her child rape victim had reached the age of majority and petitioned the court to vacate the no-contact order. Vili Fualaau’s petition was ultimately granted, and Mary Kay Letourneau went on to marry her former student in 2005. In May of this year, Vili Fualaau filed for legal separation from his wife and admitted rapist.

Despite the level of public attention that Mary Kay Letourneau garnered when the notorious blonde teacher was first accused of raping her young student, interest in the couple’s marriage has waned as years have passed. However, news of the longstanding couple’s legal separation has thrust the pair back into the spotlight.

Now, People is reporting that Mary Kay Letourneau engineered creative (and illegal) methods of communicating with Vili Fualaau while she was imprisoned on child rape charges. At that time, she had been court ordered to have no contact with her victim, but that order reportedly did little to dissuade Mary Kay.

In a recent episode of Barbara Walters Presents American Scandals, investigative author Gregg Olsen described how he says Mary Kay kept in touch with her young teenage lover while serving time for raping him.

According to Olsen, Mary Kay Letourneau was lactating for her babies — who were living with their teenage dad and his family — during her incarceration. That meant she was pumping breast milk and sending it to her young lover. Olsen says that Mary Kay took advantage of the situation to communicate with her former student and “baby daddy.”

“Mary stayed in touch with Vili in a lot of different ways. One way was to send out messages in the milk bottles that she was — [producing] milk in prison for her babies, so she put little notes in the caps and they went out.”

Letourneau also reportedly had other prisoners call her former student to pass messages (she wasn’t legally allowed to contact him herself), as well as sent out audiotapes.

“She sent audiotapes out. She had prisoners make phone calls for her, because she could not contact him [Fualaau] directly.”

This isn’t the first time that Mary Kay Letourneau’s prison communication system has been discussed in the media. During a 2006 interview, Mary Kay admitted that she’d broken the rules in order to send messages to Fualaau while she was behind bars. According to the ex-teacher, she and her former student had concocted a “pretty sophisticated number code” that she used to pass notes out from her prison cell.

“‘104’ was ‘I love you.’ And if I wasn’t feeling good, or if something was going wrong — there was another one. And then I would write names of songs down. Because the lyrics express how I feel.”

In 2006, former student Fualaau claimed that he enjoyed getting the secret messages from his incarcerated teacher-turned-lover.

“It just made me feel really good, really happy about it.”

Despite all of the trouble that Mary Kay went to to keep in touch with her precocious former student, even breaking the law by sneaking coded messages out from behind bars, it looks like the scandalous pair is ready to call it quits after 12 years of marriage. After Fualaau filed for a legal separation in late May, People reported that the reason behind the split could have something to do with Mary Kay Letourneau’s expectations.

Reportedly, Letourneau wanted her former 12-year-old rape victim to “man up” and take more responsibility in their marriage. According to a source close to the couple, she didn’t think he was consistently “doing his part,” and he would frequently complain about her “nagging.”

“She would get on him when he wasn’t doing his part. She’d want him to be more involved in the raising of the kids, like go to their shows and things.”

What do you think of the relationship between Mary Kay Letourneau and her former student? Was the court right to honor his request to dismiss the no-contact order after she was released from prison? What are your thoughts about Mary Kay Letourneau’s secret prison communications? Let us know in the comments section below.

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