Amanda Bynes On ‘Murder My Vagina’ Tweet To Drake — She Was Serious, But Adds Disclaimer

Remember Amanda Bynes? She hasn’t done an interview in four years, but she recently granted one to the host of Lowdown, Diana Madison. Today Bynes says she’s doing “great” and she follows that up with a “really great.”

Bynes was a popular Nickelodeon star, and just when her childhood career was transitioning into an adult-sized livelihood, her behavior became a bit erratic. She had a couple of DUIs and then she ended up in the hospital for a stay after setting a fire in the driveway of her neighbor’s house, according to Uproxx.

It appears this new interview has found Amanda Bynes more like the old Amanda without any odd behaviors distracting from the subject at hand. So what’s she been up to these last few years? She’s been sewing and she loves it. That sewing is part of her education in fashion school.

Bynes is enrolled in FIDM with the dream of starting her own clothing line one day. Besides setting her sights on fashion designs, she said she’s taking spinning classes and she feeds the homeless, which she said has “been really interesting and fun.” That might not be how you would expect someone to describe helping out with the homeless, but this is Amanda Bynes and she doesn’t always offer up what you’d traditionally expect.

Amanda also has another goal that she’s hoping to realize soon and that is to return to acting, with her eye on TV as her stage. She tells the interviewer “I am going to start acting again.” She said that maybe she’ll do a few guest spots on some of the shows that she is a fan of or maybe she’ll be the star of her own show, but either way, these are her short-term goals, reports E News.

Amanda answered a question that’s been on the mind of her fans and apparently on the mind of Madison too because she jumped right into it. Madison asked that question as part of “diffusing some of the past.” Another celebrity might have gotten up and walked away or just flat-out refused to revisit the days where she dropped some jaws with her actions, but not Amanda.

In fact from what E News reports, she was all too happy to go there. She said she was “so ready” for the questions and then said to Madison, “let’s go there.” She then added, “don’t make me cry!” Madison jumped back to 2013 when Bynes tweeted, “I want @drake to murder my vagina.”

Well, how did that tweet come to be and what did she mean “murder my vagina.” Even better, was Amanda serious when she sent the tweet out addressing Drake? She said she “wasn’t being insincere” when making that request to Drake, but she was quick to add that she was on drugs at the time — there’s the disclaimer. Amanda did this while she was under the influence.

The 31-year-old actress said that she was being serious, but coupled with her being under the influence of drugs at the time; apparently, it was her way of saying “let’s do it, man.” What she was really saying was “F**k me, Drake,” but she was trying to be “hilarious” while passing the message along, according to E! News. She also said in the interview while talking about Drake that “he’s hot.”

According to Uproxx, Amanda confused Drake when she later tweeted that he was “gay” and “fugly” and that “she’d rather find herself a “hot straight man” instead of Drake. He was in good company with his confusion because at the time there were plenty of folks confused by what Amanda was tweeting.

Madison also tried to clear up the question of who stole who’s look and asked Bynes if Blac Chyna stole Bynes’ look. Bynes was quick to say that she was the one who copied what Blac Chyna was doing. She told Madison, “I was getting the microdermals in my cheeks because she had them. I thought they looked super hot on her. I never said that she stole my look. I’m a fan of hers. She’s adorable.”

While talking with Madison, Bynes shared how she has been sober now for three years. From what other recent reports say, she really is doing well. Her lawyer, Tamar Arminak, said how Bynes has complied with her probation conditions, the probation that was handed down to her from a judge after her driving violations. These included hit and run charges, DUI charges, tickets, and a license suspension. That is all behind her now, and who knows, she may get her wishes granted yet. Traditionally in Hollywood you are considered a bad risk if you have a history of alcohol or drug problems. The reason behind this is fairly obvious. A lot of money goes into producing movies and TV shows, so if someone isn’t reliable, it could be costly.

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