Rebel Wilson Shows Off Trimmed Down Body On Instagram

Rebel Wilson may be known as Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect series, but the Aussie comedian has slimmed down so much over the past few months that she looks almost totally different. The star has opened up about some of her tips and tricks to lose weight, previously cutting sugar completely out of her diet to see how it would affect her energy. She’s also apparently been exercising more than she used to, and her body definitely is showing it.

“OMG just finished four fantastic days at #TheRanch4.0 — so challenging but very rewarding! Not to mention I lost eight pounds from marathon hiking over the [four] days! Thanks to the amazing staff and masseuses!! Feeling great!” she recently gushed after a four-day intensive exercise retreat.

Although she’s always been on the bigger side, Rebel Wilson has stated that this has helped her get jobs in the past. While most of Hollywood is full of extremely thin leading lady types, Wilson said that her agents always gushed that there was no one else on the books like her. This meant she was often the only one up for particular roles or was always perfect for some niche part.

She revealed that her unique looks landed her an agent on her second day in Los Angeles, which is a pretty rare feat for most actors.

“Being unique and different was a really good thing. When I walked into my agent’s office for the first time [in 2009], they looked at me and said, ‘Wow, we have nobody on our books like you.’ And they signed me on my second day here,” she said.

Rebel Wilson added that despite her look not being the “in” type in Hollywood, she still loves who she is, which is a great message to send to young women looking up to her.

“I wouldn’t ever want to compete with what I call ‘the glamours’ — the really gorgeous people. I’m about the brain, the heart, and what’s on the inside. I feel really lucky to be the body type I am,” she stated.

Although the star is getting much healthier and leaner, she did tell Cosmopolitan that her relationship with food has, at times, been contentious.

“I love me some ice cream or dessert, and it comes at times when I’m happy or sad. So when I have an incredibly successful day, I want to celebrate and reward myself with food. If I’ve had a sad or stressful day, food is also comfort. You would probably describe it as emotional or stress-eating. I don’t do drugs; I don’t really drink… so eating is my one vice. I wouldn’t ever want to totally give it up,” she told the magazine.

Fans have been supportive of Rebel Wilson’s endeavors to get healthy for herself. Her photos are full of fans telling her what good work she’s put in, how hot she looks, and how skinny she looks. In a day and age where cyberbullying is common, it’s nice to see fans rally behind a star instead of tearing them down.

The Australian actress, who was born in Sydney, has three films in the works that fans can look forward to seeing. Rebel will be appearing in Isn’t It Romantic and Nasty Women. She will also reprise her hilarious role as the Australian student, Fat Amy, in Pitch Perfect 3, which will be released sometime this year. The film will also star Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld, and Anna Camp, and all three women will reprise their original roles from Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. Fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting its release and hope it promises the same laughs as the first two films.

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