‘Little People, Big World’ Stars Jeremy And Audrey Roloff Spent $465K For Their New Home

Little People, Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are now officially homeowners. The young couple just purchased their very first house in Portland, Oregon, near the Roloff Farms. Last month, Jeremy and Audrey moved to Portland from Bend to be closer to their family as they await their first baby’s arrival.

In past episodes of Little People, Big World, Jeremy and Audrey were seen seriously debating whether to move or not. While both agreed that it’s best for their baby to grow up with family, Jeremy wanted to avoid the drama of his parents’ recent divorce.

“Both my parents are dating other people now, and there’s just some dynamics that are uncomfortable to be around. It’s a broken family. It’s just messy.”

Weighing the pros and cons, the couple finally decided that it’s time to go home. In last Tuesday’s LPBW episode, Matt Roloff was excited about his son’s decision but was disappointed that the couple didn’t want to live within the Roloff Farms. Instead, the two looked at houses for sale and were swept in a bidding war.

On May 27, Jeremy and Audrey celebrated their move-in day by sharing a photo of their new home’s façade. While they were emotional to leave their apartment in Bend, the reality stars were excited about owning a home for the first time.

“We are officially homeowners!!! What a day, week, and month it’s been. C-R-A-Z-Y. But today was move-in day, and we are thankful and excited for new beginnings.”

The Little People, Big World stars have also been sharing snippets of their new house on their Instagram Stories. Despite being more than six months pregnant, Audrey is still hands-on in fixing their home; she even shared a video of her helping Jeremy pick out hardwood floors.

According to a family insider, the two are very excited to renovate their first home. Jeremy and Audrey are known to be creative people who have a flair for art. In fact, Jeremy works as a photographer and videographer, and Aubrey expresses her art through writing and DIY projects.

“Jeremy and Audrey love projects, and I’m sure they’re on a mission to have it all renovated before the baby comes.”

The Daily Mail reported that Jeremy and Audrey shelled out $465,000 for their two-story house. At 2,700 square feet, it has four bedrooms and 2.5 baths. It’s situated at Rock Creek, a “family-friendly area” in Portland. The charming abode, originally built in 1968, is big enough for a starting family and even has a lawn for their baby to run around in.

The best part about their new residence: It is said to be half an hour away from the Roloff Farms and only two miles from Zach and Tori’s house. This means that their kids can easily be playmates and best friends while growing up.

Little People, Big World fans can expect to see Jeremy and Audrey’s big move on the reality show. In Instagram posts of their move-in day, cameras were seen following them around.

Jeremy and Audrey got married in September of 2015, in a glorious wedding held at the Roloff Farms. They first lived in Los Angeles, where Audrey was then working. After a few months, they decided to move to Bend, a three-hour drive away from the farms. This move was documented by TLC in Little People, Big World.

Aubrey is due to give birth to their baby girl in September. Their daughter will instantly have a cousin, baby Jackson — Zach and Tori’s son. Zach and Jeremy share a close bond being twins, and now their children will hopefully have the same closeness.

Baby Jackson is a little person like his father and grandparents. Jeremy and Audrey have not announced whether their baby girl will inherit her family’s dwarfism genes. However, the couple has said that this case is very unlikely to happen with both of them being of regular size.

Follow the Roloff’s adventures every Tuesday night on Little People, Big World, airing on TLC.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]

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