Jenelle Evans Blames Past Relationship Issues On Her Absentee Dad

Those who are familiar with Teen Mom 2 know that Jenelle Evans has a history of volatile relationships. The reality TV star is no stranger to yelling and screaming matches with her partner, in addition to the issues Jenelle Evans faces with her own mother, Barbara.

However, recently, Jenelle Evans got candid in a quote released from her new book, Read Between the Lines, saying her issues stem from her father not being in her life.

Not only is Jenelle’s father not in her life, but she writes that he suddenly stopped contact with her, her mother, and her siblings, which has taken a toll on her emotionally as an adult.

Before he dropped contact with his family, Jenelle Evans confesses that she was a “daddy’s girl” and the apple of his eye, so him cutting off all contact was a serious blow to her self-esteem and made her feel a lot more insecure about her relationships.

“Robert Evans was only in my life for a little while. For that short and glorious time, I was daddy’s little girl. I loved and admired him. I still do in some way. Without warning everything changed, and my dad cut himself out of my life.

“Even now, as a grown woman, we don’t talk. Maybe one day that will change. Maybe one day we can find one another, get to know each other, and he can finally be my father. Until then, he is just my biological dad.”

She continued, stating that her parents’ marriage was likely very troubled and led to her making ill-informed choices in the way of picking future partners.

“Having been in and out of my own troubled relationships, I can only guess at what their marriage was like. It was rocky enough not to last, and that says enough on its own, I suppose. I wished I had paid enough attention at the time. So I could watch for the same signs in my own life,” she writes.

Jenelle Evans has not only had rocky relationships with men, but also with her own mother, Barbara Evans. After she gave birth to her eldest son, Jace, she signed custody over to Barbara due to the fact that she was struggling with substance abuse issues and was still partying hard. Jace’s own biological father has never been in the picture or a part of Jace’s life, though he has come around a couple of times to check on his son.

Barbara was supposed to hand over Jace to Jenelle Evans once Jenelle got her act together. Although Jenelle now claims she has settled down in a relationship with her fiancé, David Eason, Barbara has decided that her house is more stable for Jace. This has led to some serious contention between the mother-daughter pair and Jenelle Evans has told her mother that once she “gets Jace back” for good, she will cut her mother out of her life and not allow her to see Jace.

The pair have had trouble relating for quite a long time, spending a lot of time screaming and yelling at one another instead of speaking calmly.

As the pair could not come to an agreement about the custody of Jace, the court reached one for the mother-daughter duo. Jenelle was devastated that she was not named the primary custodian, but was happy that her mother was legally obligated to give Jace to her on a schedule. Previously, Barbara would keep Jace away from Jenelle if she didn’t feel like giving him to her, which the court has finally put a stop to, making it illegal for Barbara to behave in that manner.

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