Days Of Our Lives 6-7-17 Recap: Returns June 12, Paul Attacks Again, Unexpected Sex Tape Viewers [Spoilers]

Days of Our Lives will not be shown this Friday afternoon, June 9, due to the live sports coverage of the 2017 French Open tennis championships on NBC. The fan-favorite daytime television series will, however, return as scheduled on Monday, June 12.

The NBC network was sure to inform Days fans “not to fear,” since “Days of Our Lives will resume on Monday, right where it leaves off after Wednesday’s episode, so you will not miss any of the storylines from the long-running series.”

This week’s final Days of Our Lives episode on Wednesday, June 7, had a lot going on. Jade dropped by the loft asking to borrow Claire’s laptop just as Claire and Theo were heading out to a movie. On previous episodes of Days of Our Lives, Jade stole Claire’s hotel key and planted a camera.

Jade truly believes that Claire will thank her for recording a sex tape and use it to advance her music career. Intending to put the sex tape file onto Claire’s computer, Jade downloaded it onto Theo’s computer by mistake.

In the meantime, Theo receives a call from Abe, telling him that the plane Chad and Lani were on has gone missing. Theo grabs his laptop with the secret home movie and puts it in his bag before running out of the door to the pub where he met up with Abe and Valerie.

Just as Theo was about to pull up the file on his laptop, the fire alarm goes off in the pub. With a quick switch during all of the commotion, Jade is able to grab Theo’s laptop and take it back to the loft. When Claire sees what Jade has done, she is absolutely furious, calling Jade “human garbage.” After forcing Jade to delete the file, and taking possession of the camera, Claire throws Jade out of the loft.

On the island, Paul’s “jungle madness” condition has worsened. Sonny believes that their bond is strong enough that he can get through to Paul. JJ steps in and warns him that Paul is sick, and the situation is dangerous. Chad, who has been through this sickness before with his brother, agrees. Chad tells Sonny that anyone who attempts to stand in Paul’s way may end up dead.

The group of Days of Our Lives characters on the island is in grave danger. Eli suggests that they all go back to the plane for protection, but with Gabi’s ankle injury, she is in no condition to make the long trek back to the plane. Lani and Sonny stay behind with Gabi, and the rest of the group heads off to find protection. Sonny later heads off alone to find Paul.

When the others return to the camp with fresh water, they hear about Sonny leaving. Lani, Eli, and JJ head back out to find Sonny and Paul. Chad stays behind with Gabi. After washing her hair and cleaning out the wound on her head, Chad leans in, and he and Gabi share a passionate kiss.

On Wednesday’s Days of Our Lives episode, everyone except Paul was eventually accounted for and safe. Sonny is found, and the group convinces him to come back to the camp until morning. They take turns keeping guard duty, in case Paul returns to camp.

The following paragraphs contain Days of Our Lives spoilers for content that has not yet aired.

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for next week June 12 through June 16 tease that there are some substantial surprises for Days fans on the way.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that next week on Days of Our Lives, Abe (James Reynolds) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) find the sex tape of Claire and Theo’s night at the hotel. At this point, they are not aware that Jade was behind the recording of the video. As nearly any parent or loved one would do, they deliver a harsh lecture.

Days of Our Lives fans can expect some daunting drama on the island next week. Paul will threaten to kill Sonny as he holds a knife to Sonny’s throat. Chad and JJ aim their guns at Paul, but nobody wants to shoot. Days spoilers suggest that Paul probably won’t kill Sonny on next week’s Days of Our Lives, but according to CDL, “Sonny will at least get knocked out.”

Do you think the Days of Our Lives group will get rescued from the island in time to save Paul and themselves?

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