Selena Gomez Reportedly ‘Skinnier Than Ever’: Is The Weeknd Or Lupus To Blame For Weight Loss?

Selena Gomez has become noticeably slimmer in recent years. But now, after sharing her battle with lupus along with her new romance with The Weeknd, Selena appears to have lost even more weight. Fans are expressing concern about Gomez’s extreme weight loss, but they seem unsure whether to blame The Weeknd or her health struggles.

Calling Selena “skinnier than ever,” Life & Style told readers on June 6 that Gomez “just wants to look good for you,” noting that “fans are concerned Selena Gomez may have taken her weight loss too far.”

The singer, 24, has been out and about recently on numerous occasions with The Weeknd “looking skinnier than ever,” added the magazine.

“Fans are concerned [her weight loss] may have to do with her health.”

However, this isn’t the first time that Selena has dealt with criticism about her body. Two years ago, Gomez responded to body shaming critics when she was labeled “fat.” At the time, the singer was happily vacationing, wearing what some claimed was an overly small bikini on her body.

Those cyberbullies didn’t have long to wait, however, before the former Disney Channel star clapped right back at them for criticizing her curves. She later admitted on a talk show that it was the first time she had been called fat.

But Selena also pointed out that bullies tend to take their criticism too far. She even accepted the criticism that her bathing suit was too small, but she declared that she didn’t care. Gomez made it clear that she feels bullying goes to extremes, calling it “weird” as she defended herself.

“It was weird because it’s not just, ‘Oh she’s fat.’ It’s like, ‘She’s a mess. She’s gone off the deep end,'” recalled Selena of the criticism. “I’m like, ‘Because I’m on a vacation wearing a bathing suit?’ Actually, technically that is a little too small for me, but I didn’t care.”

Gomez dared to defy those bullies by posting another picture in a swimsuit, making it clear that she was happy with her healthy body shape at the time.

“I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove.”

Two years later, however, and those “more to love” curves have vanished, pointed out Life & Style. And that’s got Selena’s fans expressing their concern about her extreme weight loss on social media.

One photo, in particular, caused Gomez’s followers to worry about her slender shape. Rather than compliment the songstress on her new hairstyle, those fans questioned her appearance. And some followers criticized Selena.

“U look like a dead body,” wrote one critic.

Some debated about what caused the noticeable change in her appearance. Was her new boyfriend, The Weeknd, to blame, or is it Gomez’s ongoing health issues? Some fans pointed to The Weeknd as the cause of Selena’s weight loss.

“This is what happens when u start dating The Weeknd.”

However, others were quick to defend the songstress, speculating that Gomez’s battle with lupus had caused her weight loss.

“This s–t not funny! @selenagomez has lupus, you don’t know WHAT the reason behind her weight loss is,” wrote one fan.

Fans are concerned about Selena Gomez’s recent weight loss, and some speculate that The Weeknd is to blame. [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for]

However, Selena also recently publicized her consumption of a fattening dessert. Amid a busy week in New York City with The Weeknd, Gomez appeared on various talk shows, once changing outfits six times in one day. But it was the singer’s cheesecake consumption that got HuffPost reporting on June 7.

Selena shared an Instagram story revealing her passion for cheesecake. The dessert tale took place on her way to The Weeknd’s concert.

“Hey Sel, what are you doing?” questions the singer’s pal in the video.

Gomez takes a fork laden with dessert as she answers the question.

“I got a cheesecake before my boyfriend’s concert.”

As for how she feels about the scrutiny of her weight, Selena recently got candid about her response to anyone who told her to diet. Noting that Gomez has experienced years of “body shaming,” Marie Claire pointed out that because the star’s career began when she was just 9-years-old, “she has been enduring weight comments and pressures longer than most.”

Selena Gomez has gone public with her new romance with The Weeknd. [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

Selena explained how she deals with any advisers who tell her to diet during a recent visit to Elvis Duran and The Morning Show.

“If anybody told me to go on a diet I don’t think they’d be working with me any more,” summed up Gomez.

She also praised those with whom she currently works.

“I have a lot of amazing people around me…that kind of encourage me to know what’s really good for the choices I make for myself,” added the singer.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

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