Bethenny Frankel Inspires Thousands Of Women: Skinnygirl Company Still Going Strong?

Bethenny Frankel has inspired thousands of women across the world when she hustled on The Real Housewives of New York. Bethenny had an idea to turn a drink idea into a healthy low-calorie drink, and she was convinced that she could sell a great amount. On the earlier seasons of The Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny started working on this business idea and did a lot behind the scenes. A few years ago, she sold her company for a reported $100 million, and she’s been inspiring young women since then.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel learned that she has inspired a whole group of people at a recent speaking engagement in Boston. Here, Bethenny opened up about her business, her charity B Strong, and her plans for the future. And it sounds like many people in the audience were inspired by her comments, as she received several tweets about her speech yesterday. Frankel even shared the speech on Facebook Live and shared pictures on Twitter from the event.

“‘The best things happen when you are afraid.’ – Bethenny – great to hear you speak in Boston!!” one person wrote to Bethenny Frankel, who replied, “Truth. Thank you for listening. 7500 people. That was phenomenal.”

Bethenny also revealed that she was only in Boston for the day, as she was taking care of her daughter. Frankel flew out the night before, did the speaking engagement, and was back home in New York at night so she could hang out with her daughter. The two watched a movie together, as revealed by Frankel’s Instagram Live videos.

But Bethenny has worked hard on launching her business over the past couple of years. When she learned that Sonja Morgan was possibly launching a product to gain a piece of the success pie, Frankel lashed out at her on her blog for The Real Housewives of New York. Here, Bethenny revealed just how well she was doing with her business.

“The Skinnygirl Protein Shake and Bar launch. I really do work like a dog, and it is so challenging running a business and a brand. Most of it isn’t glamorous but more like a grind. It is my mission to help women in business and give them inspiration and guidance but also to not fool them into thinking you go on TV and voila you have a business,” Bethenny Frankel wrote on her Bravo blog last year after learning that Sonja Morgan was launching her own Prosecco line.

“Sonja has had: an event company, a jewelry line, toaster, nigerian football team, fashion line, and now a Prosecco–none of which have come to fruition. It is laughable but more sad. Women, this is not how it works. This is the problem when being a reality star is your actual job versus having a career the show follows. People create imaginary businesses to stay relevant,” Frankel continued on her blog. “Dorinda is right that there is room for everyone. I singlehandedly cracked the code and invented a category in the spirits industry, and it was next to impossible.”

In addition to her Skinnygirl success, Bethenny Frankel is also creating another television show with Fredrik Eklund for Bravo, where the two will buy and flip real estate in New York. The idea was pitched on last night’s episode of Million Dollar Listing: New York, and Bravo may have loved the idea so much that they proposed the deal to the two reality stars.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel’s comments about her speaking engagement in Boston? Are you surprised that she’s inspiring thousands of people, including women who want to start their own companies?

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