‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Week Of June 12 Brings Answers For Nicole, A Quickie Wedding, And A New Deveraux Arrives

DOOL spoilers reveal a lot is about to happen in Salem. There will be twists, resolutions, and, of course, some drama coming your way after a long four day weekend. DOOL spoilers will follow. If you don’t want to know, stop reading now.

Nicole knew she was taking on a huge risk when she took Holly. The prison sentence would be lengthy, but a life without her daughter was more than she could bear. As her court date approaches, Eric talks with Chloe. She finally hears what he is saying, and while she isn’t willing to let go of Holly, she ends up pleading with the judge to allow community service as Nicole’s punishment. Of course, Nancy is back to help Chloe through this, but she seems to be with Team Nicole on some level.

Once Nicole is free and working on her community service, she gets a chance to put Deimos in his place. DOOL fans will not be disappointed as she lets him have it! Next on Nicole’s agenda is to forgive Eric because Brady has asked her to let go of her anger. After all, he did rescue her and Holly.

There is fallout to be dealt with from Jade’s sex tape of Claire and Theo. Abe and Hope get involved. Could this be the end of Jade’s shenanigans on DOOL? She went too far all the way around on this one. Hope steps in to comfort her granddaughter and try to make her feel better, as she is also upset over her music career that no one noticed she launched.

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DOOL fans know Tripp blames Kayla for the death of his mother. He wants revenge and is scheming. Good timing on his part because Angelica Deveraux arrives in Salem! She has her eyes set on Adrienne, however. Steve has done some digging in New York and learned that Ava’s mother is the one that is trying to cause trouble for the newspaper. She is behind it all! Steve tries to talk to her and remind her that Justin was her problem, not his sister. Plenty of trouble to go around for the Johnson family.

Back on the island, things get worse for Sonny before they get better. Paul, delirious with Jungle Madness and welding a knife, manages to get Sonny. As Eli and JJ watch, they are afraid to use their guns and make the situation worse. DOOL spoilers say that Sonny makes it out of the situation alive, but he is not unscathed. When Paul is better, he is unable to remember his violent outbursts.

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Chad and Gabi have grown a lot closer while being stranded on the island. Everyone has openly discussed the union and have given their blessings. DOOL fans are still divided on this according to social media posts, but Gabi and Chad make love. They believe they will never leave the island alive.

According to She Knows, there will be a wedding. It is time for Andre and Kate to tie the knot so that she is once again a Dimera. Now to get the board to give her control of the company.

Steve has had enough of Jade and her scheming. He puts her on notice. Maybe he gets through to her because DOOL spoilers spill that she finally confesses everything. All her schemes and all her manipulations are laid on the table. Now, what is next for Jade?

Someone in Salem is going to be involved in a blackmail scheme. DOOL fans will have to watch and see how this storyline plays out because initial spoilers are still vague. Of course, you can always find out the news as soon as it is released here at the Inquisitr.

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