‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Nia Peeples Joins ‘The Fosters’ Cast For Season 5

While Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end, fans can rejoice in the fact that they can continue to see the familiar face of Nia Peeples as she will be joining the cast of The Fosters for Season 5.

May contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched Season 4.

Who is Nia Peeples?

For those who don’t recognize the name, Nia Peeples plays the role of Emily’s mother (Pam Fields) in Pretty Little Liars. Nia took to Twitter a few days ago to let everyone in on a little secret – she’s been added to the cast of The Fosters for Season 5. In the post on Twitter, Nia can be seen standing in front of a door with the name “Susan” across it. Unfortunately for The Fosters fans hoping to learn a little more about Season 5 in anticipation for its premiere next month, there wasn’t any additional information given. Simply that Peeples would be joining the cast as a woman named Susan. Naturally, this has all of us wondering who this character could be.

Who could Susan be?

As those who watched The Fosters Season 4 know, the Season ended with Callie landing herself in a bit of a pickle. In order to help a girl named Diamond, Callie goes with her to return to her pimp. The girl had promised her pimp she would bring another girl back with her after getting captured. Fearing for her life, Diamond attempted to trick a girl to come with her. Unfortunately for Diamond, the girl realized what was happening and backed out. Callie, fairly certain she was going to go to jail, decided to go with Diamond back to her pimp because she didn’t think she had anything to lose.

Callie knew her mother had a tracking device on her phone, so she had hoped her mother would be able to follow the girls to the pimp using Callie’s phone. Unfortunately, Callie stashed her phone in the pocket of a jacket that got passed out the window before the girls were moved again. This resulted in Callie’s mother following the phone and driving right past where the pimp had taken the girls.

As Carter Matt points out, there are all sorts of different possibilities regarding who Susan could be and what kind of role she plays in the show. Could Susan be a woman who helps Callie out of the predicament she has gotten herself into? Could Susan be the mother of someone one of the kid’s goes to school with? Could Susan be a co-worker of Stef’s? More importantly, is Nia Peeples going to turn out to play a good guy or a bad guy in the show?

Carter Matt speculates that Nia Peeples’ character is going to appear in the first half of The Fosters Season 5 given when she’s filming. Most were extremely disappointed by the massive cliffhanger Season 4 of The Fosters left fans sitting on. So, it makes sense that so many would be anxiously awaiting the premiere of Season 5. If you happen to be one of those anxious fans – you will be happy to know The Fosters Season 5 is scheduled to start airing in July.

Lucy Hale and Maia Mitchell [Image by by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP Images]

Given some of the spoilers and promos that are already out regarding Season 5, fans know the series will pick up with Callie in a dangerous situation while Stef continues to search for her. While trying to recover Callie, there is also the extremely hostile protest going on at Anchor Beach regarding whether or not the school should be privatized. Those who have followed The Fosters from the beginning are no stranger to the chaotic story line following more than one problem at the same time. Fans can only hope the writers do all of the chaotic struggles that were left unresolved at the end of Season 4 some satisfying justice.

How do you feel about Nia Peeples joining The Fosters Season 5 cast? Let us know in the comment’s section found down below!

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