Josh Duggar Caught With A SmartPhone Despite Family’s Rule

You may have heard that since Josh Duggar returned from his rehab program, he isn’t allowed access to smartphones. The family’s rule is that he can only use a flip phone, since he used smartphones to access his secret social media accounts and Ashley Madison, the extramarital affair site where he’d paid extra for a guaranteed meet-up.

However, Duggar was caught breaking that rule recently. Perhaps he didn’t know he was being filmed, or that the video would be published online for all to see, but Josh was caught on (proverbial) tape using a smartphone. Jim Bob Duggar revealed in 2016 that the family was reverting to older phones for all the boys, not just Josh, out of concerns for what they could access, or even find by accident. However, it seems Anna Duggar isn’t enforcing her father-in-law’s rule, because she was standing just a few feet away from her husband while he watched the small screen.

Could it be that the rule has expired, now that Josh Duggar is fully rehabilitated and his family is bringing him back into the public eye? That doesn’t seem to be the case. Even though Josh’s punishment was revealed over a year ago, an inside source told Hollywood Gossip less than a week ago that Josh still isn’t allowed anywhere near a smartphone.

Perhaps that inside source, or Josh Duggar, wasn’t counting on Josh’s brother-in-law, David Waller. Waller is married to Anna’s sister, Priscilla. Recently, the family all got together to wish Mrs. Keller a happy Mother’s Day. Though Mother’s Day was May 14, David just got around to uploading the video to YouTube and his blog on Wednesday June 7.

The blog post has been getting a lot of attention from viewers who are wondering exactly when Josh and Anna’s fifth child is due, but in most of the photos, Anna is positioned in a way that makes it hard to guess at her gestation.

However, the video embedded has gotten thousands of views, and it reveals something a little surprising: at the three-minute mark, it’s very clear that Josh Duggar is using a smartphone to record events. There are several glimpses of Josh holding the phone before that point, but at the 3:00 mark, about 30 seconds follow in which it’s very clear Josh is holding not a digital camera or a flip phone, but a smartphone.

Maybe Josh is using Anna’s phone to record so she can keep up with the kids, or so he can catch her on camera having her reunion with her mother and siblings. Maybe the phone isn’t internet connected, and he just collects video and photos on it.

Whatever the case, one thing is clear: Josh Duggar was reported on June 1 to still be banned from access to smartphones, but was filmed holding one on the weekend of May 12.

Aside from being purportedly banned from smartphone use, he’s also been keeping his distance from social media. His Instagram account was deleted last July, and while his Twitter is still online, the most recent posts were in July and August of 2015.

Anna Duggar, on the other hand, returned to Twitter last week to celebrate their son’s birthday, after her own social media hiatus of more than a year.

After the long silence, she shared photos that included Josh — and it had been nearly two years since she shared one of those — and the last was actually a retweet of Josh’s own post.

Josh Duggar may be making a comeback, but if a promise to stay away from social media and smartphones is part of it, viewers have already caught him holding one.

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