Rob Kardashian Angry Over Blac Chyna Driving After Nightclub Outing With Male Friend: Is He Jealous?

Rob Kardashian was livid to hear about Blac Chyna’s night out with her male companion, Kellon Deryck.

It wasn’t that Rob Kardashian thought Blac was hooking up with her pal because the reality star actually knows him, it was more so to the fact that Chyna had supposedly been drinking but still chose to drive her own vehicle back home.

Fans were wondering how Kardashian reacted after Kellon and Chyna were spotted out and about but Kardashian didn’t even stress it — he knows that’s his baby mama’s hairstylist and they happen to be very good friends, so there was nothing that the 30-year-old had to worry about, Radar Online insists.

As for the alleged drinking and driving, Rob Kardashian found the whole thing extremely dangerous and irresponsible. He wishes that Blac would have just opted for a ride home from her friend, or she could have asked her ex-boyfriend to call a driver to her location.

Though they are no longer together, Rob Kardashian is known to be very protective of the former stripper, especially since she’s the mother of his only child. The last thing he would want is to hear that Chyna was involved in an accident with her decision to allegedly drink and drive.

“Rob trusts Blac especially with Kellon because he is only her friend and hairstylist,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “Rob has nothing to worry about romantically between the two, it just isn’t happening.”

“What Rob is upset about is that she was driving after her night in the club. He knows she probably had a few drinks and wants her to be safe. He would rather have her have a driver on a night out. She didn’t do that and he thinks that is irresponsible. He is mad at her for doing that over anything else.”

Rob Kardashian is still said to have feelings for his ex-girlfriend, but by the look of things, it doesn’t seem as if the 29-year-old is willing to entertain a reconciliation at this given point.

Their breakup in February came about after Blac had stressed she had gotten sick and tired of the endless accusations Rob Kardashian had made against her, having often speculated whether the mother-of-two was secretly cheating behind his back.

Rob Kardashian and Chyna were infamously involved in a violent fight back in November, which was so intense, Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble, had to rush to the former couple’s home and separate them. The romance was chaotic, to say the least.

Sources say, however, that Rob Kardashian and his baby mama are in a much better space right now. Though it’s unlikely that they will reconcile, they have remained on good terms lately and are actively co-parenting their daughter, Dream, together.

Rob is trying to keep his own emotions in check. Dealing with anxiety, depression, and his weight gain battle has not been easy for the sock designer, but putting his insecurities to the side to simply focus on being a better father to his daughter while maintaining a good relationship with Blac is Rob Kardashian’s only focus right now.

News of Rob Kardashian’s anger at Chyna for supposedly driving after her night out with her hairstylist comes just months after the E! network reportedly pulled away from continuing to film scenes for the couple’s second series of Rob & Chyna.

Though the network had ordered another series, following the news that Kardashian and his baby mama had called it quits, producers decided to hold production before eventually coming to the conclusion that since the duo was not getting back together, the series will face the cancellation as a whole.

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