‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Twitter Leaking ‘BB19’ Cast Members, News About ‘Big Brother’ 2017 Season Theme?

Big Brother 19 spoilers may be coming out tonight (June 8). A heavy hint about Big Brother 19 news was just posted on two key Twitter accounts, suggesting that information is forthcoming about the summer 2017 installment. Could the BB19 cast members be revealed before the end of the night?

Potential Big Brother 19 Spoilers On Twitter

The first post on Twitter was made by Fly On The Wall, which serves as the company that helps produce the Big Brother seasons for CBS. The simple post states that fans should “get ready for some fireworks from us tonight.” Shortly after that social media tease, the Twitter account for Big Brother leaks also made a post, stating that “it’s coming.” What exactly is coming? Fans are going to have to wait a bit longer to find out the answer to that question.

Social Media Insanity Over Potential Big Brother 19 Spoilers

The terms “BB19” and “Big Brother Cast” are blowing up on social media right now as fans anxiously search for new information on this season. With so little information having been released by CBS, production, casting director Robyn Kass, and host Julie Chen, it has led to a number of Big Brother 19 rumors getting posted on social media. Fake cast lists, polls about having new houseguests or all returners, and online discussions have been nightly occurrences.

Big Brother 19 Schedule And Start Date

The Big Brother 2017 start date is on June 28, when a two-hour season premiere will air on CBS. The second episode will be on television the next night, giving CBS viewers three hours to watch before the live feeds get turned on. Following those first two episodes, where a lot of taped footage will be shown to viewers, CBS will likely fall back into a familiar schedule for the rest of the season.

The Big Brother 19 schedule will have weekly episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays each week. If producers stick to the format from Big Brother 18, then Sundays will be used for the weekly nominations for eviction, Wednesdays will focus on the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony, and on Thursdays, CBS will have the Eviction Ceremony and Head of Household (HOH) Competitions.

When Will The BB19 House Live Feeds Get Turned On?

The live feeds for Big Brother 19 won’t get turned on until after the second episode (June 29) has aired on the West Coast. This is so that the production team can prevent too many Big Brother 19 spoilers from leaking and to ensure that viewers are still tuning in for the episodes on CBS. Since the BB19 cast members will have been in the house for several days before the season premiere even airs on June 28, a lot could be taking place inside the game before viewers even get to see the footage. This could lead to some very exciting live feeds when they finally get turned on.

When Will Big Brother 19 Spoilers And BB19 Cast Get Revealed?

While there is a strong indication that some Big Brother 19 spoilers and the names of the BB19 cast members could get revealed on Thursday night (June 8), this could also be another strategy in order to create buzz for the show. Fly On The Wall could be using its Twitter account to tease about something completely unrelated to the reality competition show. The post didn’t specifically address the show itself but has certainly caused a lot of die-hard fans to take notice.

With fans clamoring for any information possible about the summer 2017 season of Big Brother, even the tiniest bit of confirmation could go a long way. Revealing the theme and confirming whether it will be a new cast, a cast entirely of returning houseguests, or a blend could certainly put an end to a lot of the current Big Brother 19 rumors. At the very least, fans are hoping that some of the names on the BB19 cast list get revealed, even if there isn’t an extensive list of Big Brother 19 spoilers provided just yet.

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