Rihanna Penning Diss Song At Haters Over Body Shaming Fiasco — She’s Not Pregnant

Rihanna was stunned when multiple news outlets and a particular group of people went on social media to share their concern for the singer’s drastic weight gain.

The 29-year-old’s name quickly started to trend after a series of photos had surfaced online showing Rihanna sporting a fuller figure, which fans deemed as nothing more than a few extra pounds on their pop idol, while others assumed she was pregnant.

Of course, there were also comments from others who felt the need to let their social media followers know that Rihanna looked overweight and unattractive, adding that she won’t stand a chance to sell sex the way that she has now that the “Umbrella” singer has gained some weight.

Being the social media fanatic that she is, Rihanna couldn’t but read the negative comments about her weight gain, which Hollywood Life says definitely got to her, but she’s refusing to let it show to anyone around her — she won’t let the haters stop her from enjoying a good meal, that’s for sure.

Rihanna was somewhat disgusted by some of the things she read about herself because she’s already made it known that she’s not pregnant. If anything, she’s been eating better than ever before and she’s loving her fuller figure; it’ll be an adjustment for some, but to the singer herself, she has no complaints, CNN notes.

With that said, Rihanna is somewhat bothered by the fact that people, including news outlets, can target and body shame other people because they have packed on a little bit of weight. Given that it’s the first time Rihanna has experienced such negative comments regarding her slight weight gain, she’s determined to write a song about it, a source says.

Now that she’s gearing back to return to the studio, Rihanna definitely wants to record a track about the people who have body shamed her and turn it into the hottest record of the year. She feels like she’ll let the haters win by not responding in a way that will go on to benefit her extremely.


“Like anyone, you don’t want to be looked down on and you don’t want to be treated differently on how you look,” a source tells Hollywood Life, adding that the comments regarding Rihanna’s weight certainly had an effect on her.

“So add that times millions and you can imagine she didn’t like being body shamed. Though it hurt, it also lit a fire under her. She got mad, but she made sure not to cry about it. She instead has started writing about it because music has always been her outlet to get through tough times and it inspired her to write a lot. So out of something bad it looks like we’ll get great music out of it. So there is a silver lining to all of that has happened to her.”

While it’s been a year and a half since Rihanna released her last studio album, Anti, it’s reported that the Bajan beauty is already working on some new music material, starting off with the new record she’s set to premiere with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller later this month.


Sources affirm that Rihanna has no complaints with how she looks. She’s happy with her looks, but there’s a certain kind of feeling that one gets when someone criticizes the body of another person — in this case, Rihanna felt uncomfortable with people judging her fuller figure when she saw no issues being slightly bigger than usual.

Fans are already wondering what sort of things Rihanna will go on to mention on the diss song she’s planning to record in the next couple of days. Are you excited to hear it?

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