Taylor Swift Introduces Boyfriend Joe Alwyn To Parents As New Album Release Date Nears

Taylor Swift has officially introduced her new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, to her parents, according to reports.

Hollywood Life claims that Taylor Swift and her beau jetted off to Nashville last week, where the singer used the trip as an opportunity for her new lover to get to know her family members, which has somewhat become a tradition of the singer.

Fans have noted how Taylor is very much known to introduce her parents to the men she’s dating at the beginning of a relationship, presumably to see what they think about that particular person before she takes the romance to the next step.

From what sources have told Hollywood Life, meeting Joe Alwyn was a lovely experience for Taylor Swift’s parents, who are under the impression that he’s a great fit for their daughter.

Though Alwyn and Taylor Swift have only been dating for a couple of weeks, the way that the “Style” singer gushed about him to her family members made it seem like they have known each other for years, and to know that her parents like him has definitely made the 27-year-old happy, ELLE continues to add.

Taylor Swift “took Joe [Alwyn] to her mom’s house this weekend in Tennessee and her mom already loves Joe,” an insider tells Hollywood Life, adding that the pop princess didn’t see the need to waste time by not having her boyfriend get to know her family across the pond.

“After a mellow weekend in Nashville, Taylor and Joe hopped back on her jet on Monday, for the 3rd time in about 5 days, and are continuing their romantic vacation elsewhere,” the source continued, giving off the impression that it was a rather casual decision for Taylor Swift to organize the get-together.

Considering that the vacation with her beau continued right after the meeting with her parents, it would seem as if the get-together was rather sudden.

“Taylor Swift’s mom is super sweet, loving and supportive of her daughter so it was easy for her to like Joe who she thinks is a real gentleman. Taylor’s mom totally approves of their relationship. Taylor kept things cozy, intimate and private all weekend. Taylor and Joe enjoyed the low-key weekend with family in Nashville.”

With that said, Taylor Swift’s decision to do so much traveling could potentially be down to the supposed fact that she’s readying the release of her new album, which sources say is expected to drop later this year.

With the debut single being just three months away, as claimed by Hollywood Life, Taylor Swift is enjoying the next couple of weeks with Joe Alwyn before she finds herself under a heavy promotional campaign and an expected world tour for 2018.

All in all, however, Swift couldn’t be happier with the fact that her parents like her new boyfriend and that finding a new beau so soon after having allegedly told pals she wanted to remain single ended up being the case.

Swift is serious about her new romance with Alwyn and she’s determined to make it work. Now that she’s finishing up her album and is returning to work, she also wants to utilize these next couple of weeks to spend as much time with her beau and make him just as much of a priority as her career.

A rep for Taylor Swift has remained quiet about the news that the singer is readying up the release of her new single in just a couple of months’ time, but it’s no secret that the “Shake It Off” star often keeps things a secret when it comes to her music, until the body of work is ready for an actual release.

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