Nicki Minaj Furious Over Nas Dating Publicity Stunt Rumor: Glad To Move On From Meek Mill

Nicki Minaj is furious over reports claiming that the female rapper’s decision in wanting to date Nas is nothing more than one of her publicity stunts, it has been reported.

In May, Nicki Minaj surprised her fans when she made an appearance on Ellen, Vibe reports, admitting that she had enjoyed multiple sleepovers at the 43-year-old’s home, going on to add that she’s definitely attracted to Nas and that there’s a chance they will get together.

Nicki Minaj gave the impression that she is already in a relationship with Nas, and despite having planned to remain celibate for an entire year to simply focus on finishing up her forthcoming album, she’s found herself head over heels in love with the man who she’s now considered the love of her life.

Soon after making those comments, Nicki Minaj found herself being slammed for what many people believed was a publicity stunt to boost the singer’s recent projects, such as her collaborations with the likes of DNCE, Katy Perry, and David Guetta.

On top of that, Nicki Minaj’s rap rival Remy Ma infamously used Nas’ “Ether” instrumental to pen her diss track, “Shether,” in February. Remy’s vicious track that brutally digs into Nicki’s personal life has since been considered one of the greatest rap songs of this era by a female rapper.

So, naturally, it would seem that dating Nas would be a great comeback for Nicki Minaj, who has somewhat struggled to live up to her self-proclaimed title of being the queen of rap when responding to Remy’s diss track could only be done through the help of Drake and Lil Wayne on their song, “No Frauds.”

Some people, via social media, believe that Nicki Minaj might only want to get with Nas because she knows that Remy Ma would feel a certain type of way knowing that the instrumental she used to pen her diss track would have been from Nicki’s boyfriend.

Minaj, however, is annoyed by the fact that people would think she is that petty. She genuinely cares about Nas and is flattered to know that he feels the same way about her. Now that she’s been single since January, getting with someone like Nas is something she considers a huge upgrade from her previous relationship with Meek Mill.

“Nicki Minaj is laughing her a** off at rumors she’s using Nas for publicity…as if. Nicki doesn’t need any man for publicity,” a source gushes to Hollywood Life.

“Nicki Minaj is at the top of her game, and she stays true to keeping it real, at all times. She’s been hanging with Nas, they enjoy each other. There’s a real attraction.”

“Where it’s going to go, she doesn’t know. She’s just living in the moment right now and seeing what develops naturally. In the meantime, Nicki knows the haters gonna hate, and she couldn’t care less.”

During her interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Nicki Minaj admitted that she’s no stranger to staying over at Nas’ home — it’s evidently clear that they have already built a relationship close enough that has Nicki feeling comfortable to spend nights over at her beau’s home.

Neither one of them has confirmed that they are in a relationship, but from what sources have said, it’s definitely heading towards that.

With both artists gearing up to put out new albums later this year, they don’t want to neglect their forthcoming projects over a relationship. It’s not a secret that Nicki Minaj has feelings for the rap legend but getting her new album out before the year’s end is very important to her.

Of course, whatever free time she has in between recording her new record, she’ll certainly be spending it with Nas, hoping that their romance will continue to blossom and that she will soon be staying at his home permanently.

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