‘The White Princess’ Season 2: Five Burning Questions For A Potential Sequel

There is no denying it. Starz’s The White Princess was originally planned as a miniseries. Series showrunner Emma Frost recently re-confirmed that for White Princess fans via a tweet posted on her Twitter page. In the tweet, Frost assured fans that while The White Princess was planned for a “limited” run, plans surrounding a possible follow-up are being “discussed.”

In a previous tweet, Frost thanked a fan of The White Princess for their support and suggested they use the hashtag “#RenewTWP” if they want to see more. In an interview with Collider published on Sunday, Frost was asked about the possibility of The White Princess Season 2 and pointed out the issues surrounding The White Princess continuing with the same cast of characters.

Starz promoted The White Princess Episode 8 as a “season finale” instead of as a “series” finale, which might have helped surge fan hope The White Princess may not be over for good. So without an official confirmation by Starz either way, The White Princess joins fellow limited series Big Little Lies and 13 Reasons Why as miniseries fans have wanted to see continue despite plans for a limited run.

Netflix has renewed 13 Reasons Why for a second season. Could Starz do the same for The White Princess? Could The White Princess make the jump to Season 2?

A sequel series to The White Princess could involve an adaptation of White Princess author Philippa Gregory’s 2014 novel The King’s Curse. It is currently the last book in her series, The Cousins’ War. That is the same book series The White Queen and The White Princess‘ source material hails from.

The King’s Curse tells the tale of Lizzie’s cousin, Margaret Pole, who played a pivotal role on The White Princess. In a harrowing scene, her brother Teddy was executed before Lizzie’s brother Richard in The White Princess finale.

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Of course, The White Princess could simply continue the story it already has. There is a lot of history the series had not unraveled when it ended. In fact, there were a few unresolved plot lines when The White Princess signed off. So what questions would The White Princess Season 2 answer, if there was one?

Whether or not Starz gives the green light for The White Princess Season 2, there are plenty of dangling threads for a sequel series to cover. Listed below are five burning questions from The White Princess finale that Season 2 could potentially answer.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The White Princess Episode 8 (“Old Curses”) and historical spoilers.

The White Princess Season 2 Question No. 1: Was “The Boy” telling the truth? Was he Richard?

Since Lizzie (Jodie Comer) had him executed at the end of The White Princess Episode 8, you might be wondering why it would matter in a potential Season 2. Well, if “The Boy” was indeed Richard (Patrick Gibson), which, let’s face it, he totally was, then Lizzie might have enacted hers and her mother’s curse.

That means her sons would be in danger of dying young. In The White Princess finale, Lizzie gambled that the pressingly real threat of her brother becoming king outweighed her sons’ risk from a curse that may or may not be real.

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History tells us that Lizzie and Henry’s first-born son Arthur died young. If there was a Season 2 of The White Princess, Lizzie would have to deal with the fear that killing her brother killed her son.

The White Princess Season 2 Question No. 2: How does Lizzie cope with killing her brother?

When The White Princess ended, Lizzie’s turn to the darkness was made complete, as she had her brother executed to assure her husband’s reign. The White Princess Season 2 could explore Lizzie struggling with her decision, as she works to stave off her deranged mother-in-law for influence over Henry (Jacob Collins-Levy). Both women have killed to keep him on the throne. Who would he ultimately choose?

The White Princess Season 2 Question No. 3: Are Elizabeth Woodville’s curses real?

In real life, Lizzie and Henry’s oldest son Arthur died young, which, if you apply The White Princess‘ school of thought, could mean that he died as a result of Lizzie and her mother’s curse. Remember, they cursed the male line of whoever murdered the princes to die before their time.

With Lizzie outliving her eldest son, The White Princess Season 2 could depict the events leading up to Lizzie’s death. Would she die believing the curse was real after all? In real life, the House of Tudor’s legitimate male line ended with Henry VIII’s son, Edward VI. He died when he was 15 years old. His sister, Queen Elizabeth I, was the last Tudor to rule England.

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The White Princess Season 2 Question No. 4: Did Henry’s mother murder Richard’s son?

The White Queen had the mystery surrounding the princes in the tower. The White Princess had the mystery of Richard and Cathy’s missing baby. In The White Princess, Margaret takes the newborn away from his mother.

Afterward, Margaret (Michelle Fairley) and Lizzie have an ominous chat in his nursery and then he disappears, never to be seen again on The White Princess. Lizzie later claims she can reunite the baby with his parents if Richard flees and abandons his claim. Richard, apparently sensing that is not possible, stands firm.

In The White Princess finale, Lizzie accuses Margaret of murdering Richard’s baby and she does not deny it. But could Margaret have spared him, after experiencing the fallout of her actions with the princes? Is the baby living with a family in England? Or is he dead?

Could a boy come forward claiming to be the long-lost son of the long-lost Richard in The White Princess Season 2? If The White Princess Season 2 were to happen, it could be a possible storyline. To the rest of the world, the baby is still alive.

The White Princess Season 2 Question No. 5: What happens to Cathy?

Was there a more sympathetic character on The White Princess than Cathy Gordon (Amy Manson)? When The White Princess concludes, Cathy has lost her husband, her son, and her reputation. She ends The White Princess as one of Lizzie’s ladies.

If there was a White Princess Season 2, it would be interesting to see what becomes of Cathy. Would she plot revenge? Would Maggie help her? Only The White Princess Season 2 could properly answer all of these questions.

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