Laura Prepon and Fiance, Ben Foster, Reveal Sex Of Their Baby

Orange is the New Black may be premiering tomorrow, but that isn’t the only new beginning in Laura Prepon’s life; the star is eight months pregnant with a baby she is expecting with fiancé, Ben Foster.

The star recently appeared on Live! with Ryan Seacrest andKelly Ripa and shared the news of her new child’s sex.

“[I’m] eight months [pregnant], so yeah, next month [I’ll give birth]. It’s weird because it sneaks up on you, you’re like, ‘I can’t believe it’s been eight months already.’ But then you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, she needs to, like, come out already!”

“But it’s so wonderful. It’s just, like, a blessing. It’s, like, she likes it here. She’s already kicking,” she told the hosts as she promoted her prison drama, which premieres on Netflix tomorrow.

The newborn girl will be the first child for the couple.

She and Ben Foster began to be romantically linked in July of 2016 and announced their engagement in October. Former cast members who have appeared on TV alongside Prepon, such as Ashton Kutcher, have expressed feeling left out of her milestones. However, Laura Prepon clarified that she and Ben are simply very private people and they didn’t mean to leave anyone out of their joy.

In addition to the arrival of her new baby and the premiere of the fifth season of Orange is the New Black, Laura Prepon is also making the rounds debuting her new film, The Hero. The That ’70s Show alum will play the romantic interest to Sam Elliott’s character, an aging actor wrestling with his career and pancreatic cancer. Her character is described as a “wild woman.” The film premiered earlier this year at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival and will be released tomorrow in New York and Los Angeles.

In the film, The Hero, Laura Prepon plays a stand-up comic named Charlotte, whom she describes as “pretty cool.”

She continues her role on Orange is the New Black as Piper Chapman’s on-again, off-again love interest, Alex Vause. The show will continue after a cliff-hanger that fans have been waiting a year to resolve, in which a riot breaks out in the prison and the inmates get ahold of weapons to threaten the guards. The anger from the inmates comes from the accidental death of fan-favorite Poussey after a guard attempted to defuse a situation and sat on her, crushing her to death. From the Orange is the New Black trailer, it seems that big changes will be coming to the prison and all of our favorite characters will be there to see that things happen–particularly in regard to ensuring Poussey’s death is avenged.

The women of Litchfield also appear to have some kind of media interest in what happened behind bars and are using their voices to demand justice and recourse for the way they have been treated during the past season.

Although we can’t be sure where Alex and Piper’s relationship will go during the fifth season of the breakaway hit, the pair are in several shots together in the new season’s trailer. If past seasons are any indication, it is reasonable to assume they will be again engaged in a fraught on-again, off-again love affair.

The star recently posted to her Instagram account a teaser of different characters from Orange is the New Black declaring their strength and independence as they fight for change from within the penitentiary. Alex states that she will be strong while tying a bandana around her head.

Laura Prepon is due to give birth next month, and hopefully, everything goes according to plan.

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