Chelsea Houska Is ‘Officially Creeped Out’ By A Fan’s Tweet

Being famous comes with a lot of perks, but there are also a few drawbacks. A major one involves fans reaching out and sending things that celebrities might not approve of or think are just kind of weird. Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska DeBoer, unfortunately, recently got one such tweet that made her think twice about sharing details of her life online.

The young mom of two has settled into family life with her husband, Cole DeBoer, and her two children, 7-year-old Aubree and baby Watson, quite well.

However, a fan recently tweeted a photo of baby Watson to Chelsea, writing, “I can’t wait until @ChelseaHouska starts potty training her sweet boy.”


Chelsea Houska’s response was just as one would expect, especially for a woman whose kids are in the limelight, thanks to her appearance on Teen Mom 2.

After the person tweeted the message to Chelsea Houska, she responded with a “Whaaaa?” with an emoji of a person thinking.

She then followed up by writing, “I’m officially 100000000000% creeped out by the previous comment.”

It is unclear what the original poster meant by the photo of Watson and the comment, but since Chelsea Houska acknowledged it in a negative way, it has not only been deleted, but the person has also deleted their entire Twitter account.

While some fans were creeped out by the comment, others tried to take it in stride, explaining that the owner of the Twitter account was a young fan who was trying to sound relatable to Chelsea’s mothering struggles.

“I’m sure it wasn’t meant in a creepy way..maybe she can’t wait for him to at that cute age when he’s toddling around,” one person wrote to Chelsea Houska.

Although the tweet made Chelsea uncomfortable, she let it go after acknowledging it, and whoever was behind the account was either embarrassed or annoyed that they got called out.

Aside from the creepy factor, Chelsea Houska is enjoying life as a mother of two. She has recently told fans that she can’t wait to have another baby with Cole, even though she’s unsure how she can have baby fever with a tiny baby at home. She has revealed that she is not going to try to get pregnant again until she loses all of her baby weight, but that it is a huge motivation to shed the last few pounds.

The mom of two stated that she hates being away from Watson so much that she has put the elliptical machine in the living room so that she doesn’t have to leave him when she works out.

Rumors have been swirling that Chelsea Houska, who is now enjoying a more quiet life with her husband and two kids, will be stepping out of the spotlight as Briana DeJesus joins the cast of Teen Mom 2. However, her father, Randy Houska, recently confirmed that this was not the case, so fans could still see Chelsea and her brood on the show.

Although they have added a fifth woman to Teen Mom 2, it just means that everyone’s role will be condensed, not one specific cast member’s.

A source close to the Houskas revealed why Chelsea has decided to return to the reality series.

“Chelsea has a great producer now, and has been able to avoid most of the chaos that MTV likes to push,” they said.

Chelsea Houska recently took to Twitter to share some of her fitness goals. She stated that she is determined to lose the last 10 pounds she gained from having Watson, and that might mean she is ready to try for baby No. 3 in the very near future!

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