‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Trailer Rumor: Another Mystery Character To Appear And More

Fans will be in for a real treat with what Disney and Lucasfilm have in store for the full trailer for Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi if the latest reports about the film are anything to go by.

According to the ever-ardent Star Wars watcher and YouTuber, Mike Zeroh, the next trailer for the highly-anticipated film will feature the first look at another new character.

Many new faces will be introduced in the galaxy far, far away in Star Wars: Episode 8. There is Vice Admiral Holdo, played by Laura Dern, Rose, played by Kelly Marie Tran, and Benicio Del Toro as the man in black, also known as the mysterious “DJ.”

Joining this group is actor Justin Theroux, who will play the role of the Slicer. As previous reports suggested, he is a tech expert that is able to hack his way into everything.

In the Star Wars: Episode 8 trailer, the character will be seen in action “in the shadowy streets of Canto Bight,” which makes sense since he is expected to have some sort of involvement with Finn (John Boyega) and Rose’s mission, and he will likely cross paths with them in the film.

According to reports, his expertise might be of help to the duo, but this does not assure his alliance. It is unknown at the moment who he works for or which side he is on. It is being said that he is after Del Toro’s character, who is imprisoned in the casino city in Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi.

‘Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi’ star Justin Theroux at ‘The Girl On The Train’ New York Premiere. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

Finn and Rose are allegedly tasked with getting ahold of DJ in Star Wars: Episode 8, possibly because they need whatever he has to offer for the ongoing war, but they might have to fight the Slicer for him.

At the moment, there is not a lot to say about the Slicer, especially as to where his loyalties lie. Thankfully, the upcoming full The Last Jedi trailer will at least give fans a look at the character.

Meanwhile, Zeroh says that the Star Wars: Episode 8 trailer will also allow fans to hear the voice of not just Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) as the leaker revealed before, but also that of Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Their voiceovers should give fans a better idea as to where they are at in the film following the events of Star Wars: Episode 7 – The Force Awakens.

Other shots fans can expect to see in the trailer include glimpses of Captain Phasma’s (Gwendoline Christie) Elite troopers and Supreme Leader Snoke’s (Andy Serkis) Praetorian guards. Unfortunately, the First Order leader himself will allegedly sit this trailer out.

A screenshot from the ‘Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi’ teaser trailer. [Image by Disney and Lucasfilm]

What fans can look forward to in the Star Wars: Episode 8 trailer, however, is a much better peek at the destruction of the Jedi Academy where Luke was training the next-generation Jedi.

Fans already saw a glimpse of it in the teaser trailer at the Star Wars Celebration as Luke, along with R2-D2, watches in horror as it burned to the ground. An extended shot of it will be in the trailer, as per Zeroh.

On the whole, there will be a lot to learn in terms of the plot and new characters in the full Star Wars: Episode 8 The Last Jedi trailer, which was also revealed to feature a brand new musical score by John Williams.

According to Zeroh, Disney and Lucasfilm prepared three different versions of the trailer; one to be shown in theaters this July with films like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Dunkirk, another for the web, and the third one for the D23 event.

Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi hits the cinemas December 15.

[Featured Image by Disney and Lucasfilm]

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