‘Deadliest Catch’ Spoilers: Johnathan Hillstrand’s Russian Secret And How Tough Is Keith On His Greenhorn Son?

The Deadliest Catch Season 13 has been a season of endings, as well as new beginnings. This has been a season where the camaraderie and teamwork between each boat is just as important as family members following in the nautical footsteps of their father.

A few seasons ago, this scenario seemed impossible. The soon to be retiring, Captain, Johnathan Hillstrand, tried to convince Captain Keith Colburn to team up, and look for opilio crab near Russia. The two captains that once had a fist fight, in one of the most memorable episodes ever, actually considered teaming up.

Johnathan was ready for an adventure into “no man’s land.” Russia is a long way from Dutch Harbor. Although Keith really needs to get to the crab, he just didn’t want to bring the F/V Wizard in that direction, deeming it a risky move. The trip is dangerous, and there may not even be crab after all of that effort, time, and gas money.

Johnathan decided to take a big chance, based on a gut feeling, and it eventually paid off. It didn’t start out that way. The first pot didn’t look so good, but soon, he realized he was on the crab. There was 610 crab in the second pot. He hit the jackpot! Johnathan was ecstatic.

“I can’t believe it’s this good.”

Fox News noted that narrator, Mike Rowe, made a joke, meant to dig at President Trump and the recent Russia probe.

“So far, the Time Bandit’s Russian collusion is huuuge.”


Anyone who has been watching the Deadliest Catch knows that Captain Keith Colburn goes through a lot of greenhorns, every season, on the F/V Wizard. So, this season, Keith is really going to challenge himself by having his own son, Caelen, come on board for opilios, in the unlucky greenhorn position.

Unlike a lot of the other deckhands who have been fishing since they were teens, Caelen is a college kid, who is working for the first time, with his dad, during his off time. Unlike Captain Sig Hansen‘s daughter Mandy, who explained that as a Hansen, her future was with the F/V Northwestern, Caelen sounds like he plans on working away from the icy waters of the Bering Sea.

“I’m a finance and advertising major.”

Recently divorced, Captain Keith feels bad he has missed out precious time with his kids. By Caelen joining him. this means that he can bond with his son fishing.

Keith tells his son what his role as captain is: to teach him to become a successful crabber, although he admitted: “Captain first, dad second.” As a captain, his responsibility is more than just a title. He needs to keep his crew safe, as well as teach them how to crab, and of course, get the crab.

“I own the boat. I coach, I preach, I teach.”

To the ever-present cameras, Captain Keith made it clear that there was no babying here, even if this is his son.

“He needs to live up to a pretty high bar of expectations.”

But, Caelen is having a hard time with seasickness. The poor kid was throwing up non-stop. The situation was so bad that he did not bait a lot of the pots. His uncle Monte knows who’s to blame for no bait, and no crab, but he is convinced that his nephew just needs a few days to get his sea legs.

“One guy we can blame for that. The first day’s bad, the second day’s misery. We’ll see in a couple of days where he’s at.”

Sadly, the fishing on the F/V Wizard was as bad as Caelen was feeling, so Keith gave Johnathan a call, checking to see how the fishing was in Russia.

Johnathan was watching the pots come in, filled with crab, as he told his former nemesis that there was “blanks.” Keith was not about to head out there for nothing.

On the other hand, Captain Johnathan was not about to reveal his hot fishing spots for the difficult-to-find opilios. His face was full of mirth, as he laughed that he was not going to reveal this hot spot.

“I’m not going to tell everybody. Loose lips sink ships, man.”

Then quoting the title from a James Bond movie, Johnathan showed his huge grin at the play of words.

“From Russia with love!”

How are fans ever going to survive without the personality and charm of Captain Johnathan Hillstrand? His charisma is too big for the Deadliest Catch to lose.

Do you think Captain Johnathan should have told Captain Keith that the fishing was good? Share your thoughts below!

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