Changes Confirmed For Walt Disney World Dining Plan, Alcoholic Beverages Included – 2018 Prices Revealed

Disney is always changing to make sure that their guests get the most out what they’re paying for, but the company also tries to stay within reason. The Disney Dining Plan is a very popular add-on to Walt Disney World vacation packages, and it is possible that a big change could increase its popularity in 2018. It is now being said that the plan could be altered for next year so that guests can have an alcoholic beverage included in their meal credits.

UPDATE – June 20, 2017 at 8 a.m.

This morning, vacation packages for 2018 were released and the alcoholic beverage addition has been confirmed.

Also, the 2018 Disney Dining Plan prices are as follows (shown per night):

Quick-Service Plan

  • Adult – $52.50
  • Child (3-9) – $21.74

Plus (Regular) Plan

  • Adult – $75.49
  • Child (3-9) – $25.75

Deluxe Plan

  • Adult – $116.25
  • Child (3-9) – $39.99

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Anyone who has vacationed at Walt Disney World and purchased the dining plan with their trip package knows that alcoholic beverages are not included. It is right there in black-and-white on the official site of Disney that alcoholic beverages and other items are excluded when using meal credits.

That is one thing that guests have always hoped would change, but it never has. Well, it may finally go their way in 2018, as The Dibb is reporting that several additional beverage items will be included in next year’s Disney Dining Plans, and that includes alcohol.

Walt Disney World vacation packages in the United Kingdom have already been released and made available for booking. Residents of the United States have to wait until later this summer, but The Dibb states Disney says that alcoholic beverages are going to be included on the dining plans.

[Image by The Walt Disney Company]

The report states that guests will now be able to select from a number of choices of non-alcoholic or alcoholic (if over 21 years of age) with their table-service dining credits. Those exact options open up a wide range of choices as milkshakes weren’t previously included either.

A single serving of non-alcoholic beverage includes the following items.

  • Artisanal Milkshakes
  • Fresh Smoothies
  • Premium Hot chocolates
  • Soda, Coffee, or Tea

A single serving of alcoholic beverage includes the following items.

  • Beer or Cider
  • Wine or Sangria
  • Mixed Drinks; e.g. Gin & Tonic and Specialty Cocktails

Many times, discounts are different in the U.K. and for U.S. residents, but the plans and packages have many of the same options. The dining plans in both parts of the world are the same, and that means guests from any country purchasing the Disney Dining Plan in 2018 should be able to select alcoholic beverages.

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If this change ends up being a reality, it would certainly make a lot of sense. Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom have numerous dining locations which serve alcohol. In December, a number of Magic Kingdom restaurants even started selling alcohol, and almost all resort dining locations have alcoholic drink options on their menus.

Of course, the full details are not yet out on this, but it is expected to be added to the Plus (Base) and Deluxe Disney Dining Plans.

As of this time, Disney has not publicly commented on any changes being made to the Disney Dining Plan for 2018 or at any time. Vacation packages for Walt Disney World are already available for U.K. residents, but they are not expected out for those in the United States until later this summer.

Even at that point, Disney may announce no changes to their dining plans to include alcoholic beverages. It wouldn’t be out of the question to have the packages released and later make some additions or changes to the plans.

Walt Disney World has its fair share of unique alcoholic beverages, and it would simply make sense on a number of levels as to why this change would be made. On top of that, it would likely result in higher profits for The Walt Disney Company as more guests may add the Disney Dining Plan to their packages if alcoholic beverages are included. For now, all we can do is await the official word from Disney, but vacations in 2018 may have just been made that much better.

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