Joy-Anna Duggar Wedding Details Revealed, Ceremony Will Open Season 4 Of ‘Counting On’

Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth on May 26. The two were engaged earlier this year, shortly after Season 3 of Counting On had ended. There were rumblings of Duggar and Forsyth wanting to get married right away, but no one anticipated the wedding would have been planned in just a few months. They psyched out fans with their wedding registry because the date listed was in October and happened to be Joy-Anna’s birthday. While many thought that was odd, it wasn’t really shocking. Since the big announcement broke about the May wedding, there has been a lot of interested in details from the ceremony and reception.

Immediately, it was known that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth tied the knot and Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell were engaged on the same day. For a few days, that was all that was known. Now, several intimate details have been released, many that fans are looking forward to seeing on the wedding special. According to the Ashley, Joy-Anna Duggar chose only family members for her bridal party. This is something new for the family who has in the past used family and friends to stand up for them. Duggar had her adult sisters and two younger sisters with her, coupled with her sister-in-law, Anna Duggar and soon-to-be sister-in-law, Kendra Caldwell. All of the bridesmaids were in a navy blue dress, with Jill Duggar Dillard’s dress being slightly different in color with lace sleeves. She was the matron of honor after all.

Unlike some of the more lavish Duggar weddings, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth chose things that reflected who they were. The reception was a little more outdoorsy than expected with a more rustic feeling than her sisters chose for their special days. Their cake was simple as was most of the other things they chose to represent their lives separately and together. Fans have been talking about the “getaway car” which was a truck decorated with tulle. They left for their honeymoon almost immediately after they said their vows and it is being said Duggar and Forsyth will be traveling for some time before they return home and settle down in Arkansas.

Counting On will be returning with Season 4 beginning Monday. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth will be the focus this time around with the opening episode being the wedding. There is some assumption that this season will happen much like the last one where things will be shown in reverse. Fans were not able to see Forsyth propose to Duggar, yet their wedding is going to be shown on the two-hour Season 4 premiere. From what has been said about the couple’s traveling, it makes sense that they are planning to air the season in a backward fashion because they are still off celebrating their new life together and enjoying all it has to offer.

The final detail about Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s special day has to do with her wedding dress. It is widely known that the Duggar girls have all used a piece of their mother’s dress on their own and this time, there was another piece present. Joy-Anna also wore a piece of Austin’s mother’s dress sewn into her dress. It was truly what some people call a “patchwork” dress. The uniqueness that has been talked about from this wedding has fans excited to see it happen during Monday night’s episode. Joy-Anna Duggar has always marched to the beat of her own drum, including being more tomboy-like than some of her older sisters. As of now, she is the youngest Duggar daughter to get married and will likely hold that title for the next several years.

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