‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rumors: Matt Brown Not Allowed To Film Anymore, Bear Brown Spotted With Girl In Alaska?

Alaskan Bush People rumors are spreading online again as the new season rapidly approaches. Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People is set to air in six days. The Discovery Channel confirmed the return of the Alaskan Bush People just over two weeks ago. Two days later, the Brown family made it back in the news, after the oldest sibling, Matt Brown, reportedly received a head injury from an explosion. Now, rumors are swirling that Matt may no longer be allowed to film for upcoming episodes of Alaskan Bush People. At the same time, rumors also surfaced that Bear Brown, the third oldest Brown sibling, was “spotted walking with a girl” in Alaska, rumors that were first reported by the public Facebook page @alaskanfrauds.

Rumors have constantly plagued the nine members of the Brown family since Alaskan Bush People first aired on the Discovery Channel in May of 2014. Although supposedly a reality TV series, Alaskan Bush People has been called out several times in the past for fakery. The premise behind Alaskan Bush People is that all nine members of the Brown family allegedly rough it out in the Alaskan Bush, starting after their home was reportedly burned by Alaskan authorities for being on public land. A previous report on Alaska Dispatch News shared how the government burned down the Brown family’s cabin “because it was on public land.”

The earliest episodes of Alaskan Bush People showed the Brown family traveling to different areas of the Alaskan Bush to try to rebuild their homestead, and later they finally established Browntown on Chichagof Island near Hoonah, Alaska. However, according to rumors, the land where Browntown was built was actually leased by the Discovery Channel for five years, and the Brown family never really struggled in the Alaskan Bush. TV Ruckus introduced the Brown family
patriarch Billy Brown, 64, matriarch Ami Brown, 53, along with their seven children of five boys and two girls — back in 2014 after a successful Season 1 on the Discovery Channel. The article claims that all seven Brown children had been born and raised in the Alaskan Bush, but critics of Alaskan Bush People immediately went on the attack in the comments, calling the show “fake,” a “sham,” and “made up junk.”

As Season 6 of Alaskan Bush People premiered back in January, an article on Mic broke down what was real and what was fake about the Brown family. According to the report, Billy and Ami Brown didn’t actually move their family to Alaska until 2012, only two years before Alaskan Bush People premiered on the Discovery Channel. Three years prior to that, the Brown family reportedly lived in Seattle, Washington. Billy Brown, who authored a book back in 2007 about his early life in a desolate part of Alaska — reportedly with Ami and two toddlers for 18 months — sold his story to the Discovery Channel as an “American reality television series” called Alaskan Bush People.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Alaskan Bush People is just a “made-up recreation of a series of events featured in an alleged autobiography by patriarch Billy Brown.” However, the second season of Alaskan Bush People set ratings records for the Discovery Channel, according to another article on Alaska Dispatch News in 2015, and has gradually built up a loyal fanbase over the last two years and previous four seasons.

Despite ongoing rumors and media hype, fans were ecstatic to learn on May 24 that Alaskan Bush People was returning for Season 7. Rumors say the seventh season may be the last for the Brown family, due to Ami’s confirmed illness by Billy, Joshua “Bam” Brown’s marriage and relocation to the lower 48 states with Alaskan Bush People producer Allison Kagan, Noah Brown’s confirmed engagement and upcoming marriage to long-time girlfriend Ruth (Rhain) Alisha Merrill, and Matt Brown’s recent accident involving a fridge explosion in Alaska, as previously reported by TMZ.


One Alaskan Bush People Facebook page is now saying that Matt Brown is no longer allowed to film upcoming episodes of Alaskan Bush People. The Facebook page for Alaskan Bush People critics, called @alaskanfrauds, said on a post just hours ago that “Matt will no longer be filming.” The same post goes on to say that the Brown family members lost “their guns, powder, and all firearms of any kind,” and that Alaskan Bush People also lost its insurance, reportedly all before Matt’s incident with explosives. The page, which claims it has inside sources, also previously reported that Browntown has been taken down and packed up by the Alaskan Bush People production company, Park Slope, adding that all members of the Brown family were more than likely headed back to the lower 48 states.

The future of Alaskan Bush People is unknown after Season 7, but Noah Brown recently may have hinted about possible upcoming episodes. Via his personal Facebook account and a report on Blasting News, Noah said that he would like his marriage to Rhain Alisha to be featured on Alaskan Bush People, possibly as a special upcoming episode. All five of the Brown brothers — Matthew, 34, Joshua, 32, Solomon, 30, Gabriel, 27, and Noah, 24, — are grown, with Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown reportedly already married. The @alaskanfrauds Facebook page also posted today that Solomon “Bear” Brown was recently “spotted walking with a girl” in Juneau, Alaska. Bear isn’t usually in the news for his relationship status, unlike Bam, Noah, and Matt. In fact, “Bear’s first real date” was on Alaskan Bush People back in 2015, as previously shared by an article on TV Ruckus that concluded the date wasn’t a “homerun.”

Critics of Alaskan Bush People say it’s time for all of the grown Brown children to leave Billy and Ami Brown and start families of their own. According to the previously mentioned article on Mic, Brown family matriarch Ami Brown says she hopes her sons will “get married and expand their family in the Alaskan Bush,” which could potentially mean an Alaskan Bush People spin-off series.

The next new season of Alaskan Bush People airs on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday, June 14 at 9 p.m. ET, where the Browns will face “their darkest hour” in Season 7.

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