Did Tori Roloff Have A C-Section? The Difficulties Of Giving Birth To A Baby With Dwarfism

Did Tori Roloff have a C-section? That’s the question after the most recent episode of Little People, Big World raised the possibility that Tori may have had to re-think her birth plan when she learned that her son, Jackson Kyle, would be born with dwarfism.

Here’s the issue with watching reality TV in the age of social media and up-to-the-minute news cycles: Because of the delay in production between when a reality TV scene is filmed, and when you see it on TV, months have passed. So in essence, you’re being exposed to two timelines: the timeline of real life, which is revealed on Instagram and other social media, and the timeline of the show, which is about a few months behind. In the real life timeline, Tori has already given birth, welcomed the baby into the family, and revealed that the baby, like his father, has dwarfism. In the Little People, Big World timeline, though, Tori is still heavily pregnant and dealing with the realities of carrying a baby who might have dwarfism.

It wasn’t until a few days after Jackson Kyle was born (in real life) that his parents revealed publicly that he has dwarfism, like his father, Zach, and his grandparents, Matt and Amy.

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But in the Little People, Big World timeline, it was revealed in this week’s episode that the proud parents learned of Jackson’s dwarfism — specifically, the same type of dwarfism his father and grandmother have — when Tori was at 34 weeks gestation, as In Touch Weekly reports. Because one outcome of andochroplasia is a broad forehead, that caused Tori to have to re-think her birth plan.

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As Zach explained to the cameras, that broad forehead means a traditional delivery could cause irreparable damage to Tori.

Amy Roloff, who has dwarfism and has given birth to four children (two of them twins), chimed in on the difficulties of giving birth to a baby with dwarfism (or any baby, for that matter).

“Tori may have to have a C-section. I would hope that an average-sized person could push the baby through, whether it’s a little person or average-sized, but you just never know.”

So did Tori Roloff have a C-section? As of this writing, the couple hasn’t said anything about it either way, although Tori did admit that she was “reading up” on Caesarian deliveries. She may yet reveal the answer in real life; she may be saving the answer so fans can find out on Little People, Big World, or she may carry the “secret” with her to her grave. It’s her business, after all.

C-section or no C-section, Zach and Tori are preparing themselves for the difficulties of raising a child with dwarfism.

“You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two. The world is changing. People are more open to diversity. Whatever he wants to do, we’re going to find a way to help him do it. That’s our job in life now.”

Besides the difficulties that come with being a dwarf in a world that was not designed for them, Jackson may also have other issues throughout his life, such as the medical problems that have plagued his father and grandfather for much of their lives.

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